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Hello everyone. You readers are the best and so good to me. Especially all you facebook'ers, putting up with my postings everyday of what weird food I am cooking for Chloe on her allergy elimination diet. So ... I am having a give-away!! I will pick two winners and send you one of these mags above. Please tell me if you have a preference. I really wish I could cook for all of you but this will have to do. Thank you for your love and support xoox

Ohh I will pick a winner on the 17th!!


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Betty Myers

Love your web site.


Would love either but the Mollie Makes would be my choice if you asked :-)- I haven't seen it here..


I did not even know these existed! Now I feel magazine deprived! Not only do we have allergies around here but I have 2 Autistic boys with hyper taste buds to boot! Just an add on .. they loved Clarice's bluberry breakfast cake MMm mmm xox I follow you everywhere haha


I would love the cooking mag. So sorry Chloe is dealing with allergies. I have a couple of food allergies, but mine are usually easy to deal with, eggplant and kiwi.


What fun prizes! I've never read either one but they both sound like magazines I would read over and over.
Best wishes to you in dealing the allergies.


You are just SO sweet, Clarice!!!! It is not a bother to read about your recipes. You are so creative. I know Chloe appreciates all that you are doing. THanks for offering up these magazines - should I win, I'd be happy with whatever you select. :) Good luck to all!!! xoxo


I would love to win Where Women Cook. I have peaked at it at the store, but not purchased it. I signed up for a free give away of this magazine on another blog and didn't win; so I have a second chance at winning.


Hi Clarice:
I'd love to win the Mollie Makes magazine. I already have Where Women Cook. I love your FB posts, so no worries! :-)


I must say that i would love "Where Women Cook". The pictures and recipes are so inspiring!


Definitely Where Women Cook. I used to get it at Borders until they went out of business.

I saw on Amazon where their new book is coming out next month.

Linda Poteet

Fun! Please enter me for the Mollie Makes if possible! Thanks so much!


Oh, how fun!! I would be thrilled with either!

Take care,


Gosh, I don't do facebook, so I don't feel like I can enter. But you made me laugh with your comment about making weird things!

Jessica Y

Both look good. Maybe the Mollie. Thanks so much!


Would love the Mollie Makes



I've heard good things about both of these magazines. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you and I hope the elimination diet results in some answers!

Gumbo Lily

What fun!
Where Women Cook would be my choice. A friend recently gave me Mollie Makes and it's very nifty!



Dear Clarice,

Hmm, two lovely magazines; which one would I choose? Either one, of course! I personally love your posts on your diet, and everything else that you do. I feel like we're next door neighbors, talking over the fence while hanging the laundry! :)




What a great giveaway Clarice!!! I'd love to win the Mollie Makes magazine... fingers crossed :-)


Hi dear Clarice,

Wish you were cooking for me...I too am on an allergy elimination diet and trying to figure out what is wrong with my stomach. First out the door? Bread. I LOVE bread.

Of course I would love to win the cooking magazine...I have two friends who are featured in it...come to think of it, why aren't YOU in it?

All joys,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


Lovely giveaway Clarice. I'd choose the Molly Makes, but I'd be happy with the cooking magazine, too.

Cooking for allergies can be challenging. I wish you much success in determining Chloe's allergies.

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

Oooo, I would love to win the cooking magazine, but they both seem wonderful! What a great giveaway.


Great idea with all of the magazine talk on the TP list! ;-) I should do this too. Hmmm, which ones would I pick to give away? I'd love to take a peek at Mollie Makes. Never heard of it before.


I would love molly makes. It would be great to flip through the pages and get inspired....Those lovely magazines are always out of my budget...so I look at it as a blessing if i could win.Hugs to you and thanks for the opportunity to win...Mica


Oh, how fun! What a great giveaway! I'd like to look through Molly Makes because we dont seem to have that around here, although I've seen some cute stuff in it online. Thanks for the chance!~


Oh my gosh! I don't know how to decide. If I win, you pick!


OHG I'd love to be able to win one of these. My preference would be to win the craft magazine, please ♥.

Hugs from Marian

Erin Parker

I love the cooking magazine but either one would be fine.


Oh I would love to win! The cooking mag looks awesome but I'm not picky. LOL Where are you on fb? Is it the Wren Bay group?

I noticed in one of your recent pics that you have the book The Turned Intos. I LOVE that book! My mom has a copy but I've never been able to find one. Such lovely pictures.

We have food allergies too. Such a royal pain. Hope you get it figured out!


Can I take my chance?? (you know I live in France). If yes you can join me in the wonderfull giveaway. Blessings!!!

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