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My famous smoked paprika rub!!

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This is one of my recipes that everyone gushes over. Everybody loves this rub and it is because of the brand of paprika I use. It is what makes the rub so amazing, plus the salty/sugary combo crunch you get when barbecuing. On pork chops or baby back ribs, amazing!! You and also add water and use it as a wet marinade or in meatloaf and many more ideas!!

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Smoked Paprika Rub

 3/4 cup smoked paprika, I really recommend El Rey paprika.

1 cup sugar

1 cup salt

½ cup dried granulated garlic

¼ cup ground pepper

You can use dried herbs such as oregano, celery seed, basil or Pat uses thyme, but I have found over time this is how my family loves it. Also add more pepper if you like. We do not like things overly peppery. Basically, as I always say tweak it to suit your palette.

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Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden

Wow this does sound delicious!


You keep talking about this rub and I really need to try it. Thanks for posting the proportions!


Gumbo Lily

Since you shared smoked paprika with me, I'm sold! This rub sounds perfectly amazing! Thanks for the recipe.


My husband loves using rubs. I'll pass this one along to him. At was just at your mother's blog telling her how cute that acorn is. Did you make one of her and one for you :)?


I've never used a rub before -- I'll bet hubby would love this. Thanks for posting!


Famous!!! It sounds amazing, Clarice. :) I love smoked paprika (we use Portuguese smoked paprika). Can't wait to try this. Thank you!!! :)

Emily Fay

Thank you for sharing! :)


Meat rubs are so delicious - this sounds wonderful. And I love that acorn, too.


I don't understand very well what's is your papikra rub!!!!
I love your acorn!!!! Have you got a pattern????
Be blessed my dear friend.

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