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Lily, John and the Cookie

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I am having a hard time with the next Wren book. I about 2/3 done and need some fresh inspiration. I keep folder with lots of photos and decided to write some small vignettes inspired by the photos. Here is one about Lily and her brother, John.


      John reaches across Lily and takes the last cookie before Lily can have one.

      “John Harrison, it is not polite to take a cookie away from a girl!” Lily says in her older sister voice, even though she is two years younger than him.

      “You’re not a girl, you’re my sister! Besides you made the cookies with Wren, didn’t you have some at her house?”

      “No.” Lily answers indignantly. “I made two cookies for each person in math. There is mama, papa, you, Stephan, Jayden and Ethan. Oh and Thayer but he is not here.” Slowly she counts with her fingers.  “So that is 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 and me. 7 plus 7 is.”

      Lily starts to count again and John impatiently interrupts, for he excels at math and does not understand those who do not. “2 times 7 is 14. I hope Wren teaches you your times table soon.”

      “I am only 6 and you know I am not good at math.” Lily wipes a few tears from the corner of her eyes.

      He hates to see her cry. His father is always telling the boys it is important for them to be kind to their little sister and her girly ways. “Remember you will have a wife one day and she will need you to be extra kind to her.”

      John is sure he will never have a wife. No, he is going to move to Alaska and camp in the snow! But it always makes his heart feel funny, like it is being squeezed when Lily cries. It is how he feels when one of the mama cows pushes away her new born baby.

      Lily announces with a slight pout. “I made 14 cookies but Jayden and Ethan came in and ate 3 cookies each. I will make a sign next time that says two cookies each.”

      “Good idea.” Agrees John but Lily watches him with big, shocked eyes as he gobbles down the cookie.

      After super that night his mother, Mary, serves chocolate cake. John slides his plate over to Lily.

      “Don’t you want your chocolate cake John? I thought it was your favorite.” Mary asks shocked.

      “No, mama. I am full.” He smiles at Lily and his heart does not feel like it is being squeezed.


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This is just great, Clarice! You have a great sense of narrative. I could "see" this in my mind. Keep going!!!! xoxo


Lovely, Clarise! Been gone a little; so sorry to see everyone has been sick! Are you all better now??

Keep writing!





1) I *love* the detail about how John feels when a mama cow pushes a baby away. What a perfect illustration for a farm boy's emotions!

2) I particularly enjoy that John wants to move to Alaska (just like my oldest boy : )

3) "you're not a girl, you're my sister" LOLOL Yep, that's pretty much how it is :)


I can't wait to read the new book. I really enjoyed the first!

I enjoyed that "vignette" and am so happy there will be more Wren!


So darling! I am trying hard to teach such an attitude to my boys too. In these days of "equality" it seems rare. If your family are struggling with the pox still, I am not surprised you are all out of inspiration! Take a break, but don't give up! Love to all, Gill.


Clarice...I enjoyed reading this little snippet - great work! :)



What a sweet story. And I love the photo.

Writing is hard work. Sometimes the characters we create just don't want to cooperate.


Very nice, Clarice!

I can't wait to read the new Wren book...

I don't think I did the review post I was going to do for Wren...I'll try to do that tomorrow!


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