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Fabric Label Cards

Lable cards upped 

Well I am embarrassed, as I should have done this post months ago. I was lucky enough to win The Story of a Seamstress giveaway for custom fabric labels from Inked Papers. Michelle was soo easy to work with and willing to try to create whatever I wanted. I never dreamed she could recreate my banner. I was just thinking of something with the same feel as my banner, maybe one of the silhouettes. Well I was over-the-moon when she sent me my labels.

I received two rolls of twin tape (the size of my choosing) with my banner, printed over and over. I am not a big sew'er and really wanted to use these gems in a creative way. I came up with these fun mini cards. I cut card stock 3" by 6" and folded the card. I snipped off a label, fringed the cut edges and stapled them to the cards. I am really happy how simple these turned out.

Thank you Atlanta and Michelle for the labels. As you can see I love them!!


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Children of Eve

Your whimsical image translates so well for a label, I love it.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Those are really nice! Good way to use them too!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

These are enchanting Clarice...and you've used them in such a clever way!!! I love my cotton "Frugal Luxuries" ribbon and usually use it to wrap gifts (usually the books...perhaps you should order a Wren Bay ribbon ;). I also snip and sew them inside home sewn tote bags and the like as a label but now you've inspired me yet another use for them...they make such charming cards! You could even make a smaller version as calling/business cards with your info printed on the back(via avery labels and computer)!


I've seen these in person and they really are wonderful! It's such a great idea..


You're so creative. What a fun way to use those cute labels!

Gumbo Lily

Really nice labels! I like your idea to make mini-cards with them. These would be nice calling cards with a little note inside.



They are gorgeous, Clarice!!!! :) Very nice work! Hope you and the family have a great weekend.


Wow! I too am impressed with the design. And you are so clever!

Blessings, Debbie

Sharon D

Those are beautiful Clarice! Michelle did a wonderful job :)

Have a great weekend!


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