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Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!!

Tasha Glam 

Happy Tasha Tudor day!! 

Do you realize this is the fourth year we have celebrated Tasha Tudor? I have to say she is just as relevant and influencing in my life, as ever. Especially when life is challenging (like it is right now) I think of Tasha, her inner strength and joy and it helps me.

One area Tasha has influenced me is how I dress. I call it Tasha Glam. I am not sure if Tasha would like that term ;-) but it works for this CA girl. When I am home and need to clean, bake, garden,etc. I always seem to put on my "Tasha glam". It helps put me in the mood. As I was composing this post, I thought what constitutes the Tasha look to me?

So here is my list:




Fingerless gloves

flowers in your hair

Good work boots or barefoot


Work basket or watering can

Layered skirts and petticoats

Pretty brooch or pendent

Calico, linen and woven plaids

When I tie my pinny over my layered skirts, pin my wool shawl, slide on my fingerless gloves and step into my wool lined boots, I think of Tasha and I am ready to make a home!!


I, my co-host Suzanne and Tasha's family would love to hear how Tasha is inspiring you. Also if you posted about Tasha, please let us know. Suzanne is having a give-away and a link up. Also check out Living Craft blog. Pardis was kind enough to invite me to write a post about Tasha Tudor day. Heather at Heather Spriggs was also kind enough to do a post. Thank you Pardis and Heather for helping to get the word out about Tasha Tudor day xoxo


center, Tasha herself. Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 7, Picture 8, Picture 10, Picture 11, Picture 12.


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Hi sweet Clarice! I LOVE your "Tasha Glam" and think Tasha herself would certainly approve! The photos are gorgeous and I love your list!!! What a fabulous way to celebrate Tasha's incredible life everyday! Love, Paula


I love "Tasha Glam," too (great name!). Delightful post! Just wish I'd come by on the 28th.


Happy late Tasha Tudor Day, Clarice! I hope you celebrated it well. :) My post is finally up. Hope you enjoy it. xoxo Theresa

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Love the idea of "Tasha Glam" and the photos are just perfect!


I'm just a little late but my post is written on my blog.

I hope your daughter has good medical news!


Love the mosaic of Tasha Glam!! I think it's amazing how 'costuming' can inspire productivity. Dress like Tasha... clean like Tasha. Dress like Tasha... cook like Tasha... Dress like Tasha... create like Tasha... Dress like Tasha... love animals? Well most of them anyway! I have this naughty dog...

Blessings, Debbie


Dear Clarice,
I am so glad you had a good day. I lov eyour collage photo, very inspiring and I am so pleased that we sahre so many things in common that we love about Tasha Tudor. Once again I am thankful to have been able to contribute to the memory of Tasha.
Thanks for hosting again.
BTW I love the way you describe yoru clothes as 'asha Glam'


I love the pictures you chose to describe Tasha glam -- they're perfect!

Linda Colantino

Hi's after midnight and I just finished posting on my blog about my Tasha Tudor Day. You can take a peak at what Jim and I did if you wish.
Still have a happy heart but need to call it a day.
Hope you had a fun day.
Love, Linda

Heather Henry

Beautiful post! Tasha has been an inspiration to me for many, many years! I love her art and the beauty she gave this world.

Diane Shepard Johnson

Dear Clarice,

We are still working on our special Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration 2011 post. We still have power but it could go out at any time. We have added new photographs on our blog post as Irene's rains bring Corgi Creek to a roar!

The Corgyncombe Courant is having a special Giveaway is honor of Tasha Tudor's Birthday!

We are giving away "Drawn From New England" by Tasha Tudor's daughter Bethany Tudor.

'Tis is a delightful book all about Tasha's life with many of her favorite things included that we know your readers would enjoy!

Here is a link to where you can enter the Corgyncombe Courant Giveaway now!

We hope to have a special Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration 2011 post on her birthday August 28th. We will have exclusive Corgyncombe Courant photographs of Tasha Tudor in her Marionette Theatre and a photograph of Mert Bogart and a member of the Corgi orchestra, taken by me. Due to the hurricane, delays may be possible.

We like the photographs that you chose in your mosaic for your Tasha Tudor Day post, especially the red-head in the bonnet and Tasha in her Wellies! We hope you have a splendid Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration!

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah and the dolls and little critters at the Corgyncombe Courant


Happy Tasha Tudor Day Clarice! I am joining you again this year and just posted about Tasha on my blog...

Hugs from Holland ~

Gumbo Lily

I'm a Tasha fan too as you know, Clarice. I can hardly believe we are at the end of August and her birthday has come upon us suddenly, it seems to me.

I appreciate what I call Tasha's "quiet life." Not glamorous, not overdone, but just quiet, simple, beautiful.

Thanks for celebrating it again. I will too.



Hello Clarice
Thank you so much for hosting another wonderful year celebrating Tasha Tudor ♥
I loved your list of "Tasha Glam" influences!


How I loved your little list! I can see you wearing all those very things. Thanks for being the impetus for all this and including me as co-hostess. Our Take Peace group is a very special place dear friend!Off to read your guest posts!


Happy Tasha Tudor day to you Clarice..What a Lovely picture collage you put together...I love the Femininity that Tasha Tudor displays and the simplicity of life...We tend to complicate life and think we need more to make us happy when it is actually just the opposite...We have chickens and I love going out there in my apron and tending to them....So very sweet and simple but brings great joy to my heart...


You inspired me to post about Ms. Tudor on my blog:

Happy TT Day!

Penney Douglas

I love to wear an apron, too. I don't do it very often. I don't have a nice one right now. But my daughter has a cute one, and she wears it when she bakes.
We haven't done much with Tasha, except I watched a video about her several years ago. We need to get some of her books. I'm sure several of my girls will really enjoy them. I would love to live in the country out away from everybody else. I guess I could dress like Tasha and pretend!


Love your Tasha glam.
I have a small post today at


Yay for Tasha Tudor Day!!! I just published my own post celebrating this great day and this great woman. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that so many others are so inspired by her. She is truly and American icon.

I love your Tasha fashion post! I may have to borrow this idea for a Tasha Tuesday Post! Thanks again to you and Suzanne for organizing this.... ~Heather


Happy Birthday Tasha!


Love it! Love the photos, love the idea, love the look. Great post!


"Happy Birthday Tasha"

Kim at Thistle Dew

Hi Clairice! Thanks for the Tasha celebration!

Twenty-two years ago I when I was expecting Kate, I picked up a Victoria magazine and read the neatest article about this little old lady that dressed in old-fashioned clothes and kept goats. It was an instant connection! Because of Tasha, (and with a little help from my Nana, another timeless soul), we had a backyard filled with goats and chickens, and spent quite a bit of time in Tasha Glam! How exciting it was, years later, to find out we had the same birthday!

She definitely inspired our family to Take Joy!

Kim :-)


Hello my friend, my post is on my blog today!!!

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