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"Happy Birthday Tasha"


My post is ready for Tasha's celebration at

I love that we do this each year and look forward to visiting some of the posts this year.

Diane Shepard Johnson

Dear Clarice,

The Corgyncombe Courant is having a special Giveaway is honor of Tasha Tudor's Birthday!

We are giving away "Drawn From New England" by Tasha Tudor's daughter Bethany Tudor.

'Tis a delightful book all about Tasha's life with many of her favorite things included that we know your readers would enjoy!

Here is a link to where you can enter the Corgyncombe Courant Giveaway now!

We hope to have a special Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration 2011 post on her birthday August 28th. We will have exclusive Corgyncombe Courant photographs of Tasha Tudor in her Marionette Theatre and a photograph of Mert Bogart and a member of the Corgi Orchestra, taken by me. Due to the hurricane, delays may be possible.

We hope you have a splendid Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration!

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah and the dolls and little critters at the Corgyncombe Courant


I love Tasha Tudor Day! This year's celebration will be even more fun as we have since moved to a little farm in the middle of nowhere. I start each morning as Tasha did: milking my Nubian. :) We'll be having a great time this year as my boys are 3 & 5 and love Tasha as well. Need to get planning...

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

Don't know if I'll participate this year but I always love reading everyone contribution!


Participate again this year.
Tasha Tudor was a great lady.


I've never celebrated this day because I had no knowledge of it! Thanks for letting us know.
I love the idea of planning something special... it's what Tasha spent her life perfecting... celebration and tradition!

Blessings, Debbie

Jerri' Ann Ervin

Happy birthday Tasha. I remembered your birthday. I lit a candle for you & watched my old videos of Take Peace & Take Joy.


"Happy Birthday Tasha"... I have put together a little something for her special day. I also have a beautiful video of Tasha in her garden... Please come for a special surprise.
Hugs, Donna@Conghaile Cottage


Love your annual Tasha Tudor day celebration!


I'm not sure what we'll do, but I feel certain homemade ice cream will be involved. Also, our beloved corgis will need some special treats. I may try to sketch. We'll see.


Hi Clarice
I was so happy when I read my "Tasha Tudor Early Bird Post" email this morning to see your blog link included and see you were hosting & celebrating Tasha Tudor Day. I look forward to stopping by Saturday ♥

Patricia King

We love to celebrate Tasha's Birthday here at our home in Sequim, Wa. Each year has its own events that tend to come up magically for that time. The first year we celebrated the first birthday since her passing. We celebrated all day with many meaningful activities. We wore long dresses and bare feet. We had cake and lavendar ice cream. We read some of her illustrated Wind in the Willows. Collected a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our garden in her honor. Had afternoon tea, and more endearing mooments. But the most magical of all was our candle lit celebration in the evening in our secret garden that night. Over 30 little tea lights. A little toad showed up next to a candle on a windowsil to join the festivites. We sang Happy Birthday and the Simple Gift song. We filmed it on our camera which we will treasure and reminisce. It was a joy and gift to be granted an opening to The Pumpkin Moonshine Anniversary that Fall, after having had such a special Tasha Tudor Day of our own. This year has already begun to be its own unique magical time. A bitter sweet holiday for our hearts in honor of Tasha. Part of our celebrating is waiting for The Ice King to arrive in the mail!!!
Happy Tasha Celebrating to all! Joy! Patti King

Cathy Santarsiero

We'll be celebrating too, Clarice! Stop by our blog. We will have a special post with a blog visit from Marjorie Tudor. The Corgis are already getting out the cupcake pans. xo xo Cat

Sharon Woods

I just realized that my departed father shares the same birthday with Tasha Tudor! He was a classical pianist who gardened in his backyard, and even threw some memorable homemade icecream parties in our backyard in the summer when I was a child! Although not musically talented, I share his love of music and his artistic nature through portrait drawing!

So in memory of Tasha Tudor and my father, I'll pick my organic tomatoes, cucumbers, and ornamental pumpkins, eat some ice cream and draw!

(I'd smell the flowers, but I have a cold)

Lady Linda Colantino

Clarice, I'm plotting and planning...Thanks for the reminders and for keeping Tasha alive. Miss you.
Lady Linda

Diane Shepard Johnson

Dear Clarice,

How exciting, Tasha Tudor's Birthday Celebration! We did a Pre- Tasha Tudor Birthday edition of The Corgyncombe Courant, celebrating Tasha Tudor and the making of the Birthday treat ice cream!

Here is the link:

Hope you enjoy,
Diane and daughter Sarah


Hi Clarice! We are hosting a give-away in honor of Tasha Tudor Day, too! We're giving away an old-fashioned hand-crank ice cream maker and other Tasha Tudor prizes on our blog, Rookery Ramblings. Be sure to pop over and enter, and spread the word! We LOVE your Tasha Tudor Day, and hope you don't mind that we're tagging along!

Donna Connolly

I would LOVE to join your blog BUT don't see how??? Would you let me know???
I've posted your Tasha Tudor and would LOVE to join in...
Donna@Conghaile Cottage


Love your annual Tasha Tudor day celebration.
Participating on this day to celebrate this lovely lady.


Hello. I am definitely going to be participating on this day to celebrate this lovely lady. Thank you so much for hosting such a lovely blog event. I have admired Tasha for years and look forward to visiting with others who do also on August 28th.



yay for tasha! you know I love her.... :)

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

Hi Clarice!!! Love your annual Tasha Tudor day celebration...don't know if we'll be doing anything but sure to enjoy seeing what you and your girls come up with!
Love and hugs,


This is a lovely idea!

And this is my first visit to your blog - so happy to meet you! :)

Gumbo Lily

Thank you for the reminder. I have it on the calendar, but sometimes......



Hi Clarice! I got your email and you bet I will be particpating:-) I will put the button up on my blog too.


I treated myself to a used copy of Tasha Tudor's Garden to celebrate this year, and am going to finally get my Tasha Tudor shawl finished... I shall be knitting away all week! Love, Gill xxx


What did you do for Tasha Tudor day? I'm sure it was fabulous! I'm eager for an update when you have time.


I'm still trying to come up with something. I posted a reminder too and linked to this post. Mom


I love Tasha Tudor. I was at a rummage sale a couple of years ago and they had a nice older copy of "1 is One" and I bought it for $2. Later when I got home I was looking through it and realized she had signed it inside. Such a great find!


Hmmm! Thinking about joining in but just what does one do to *Celebrate Tasha Tudor*?
Got any hints?

'Aunt Amelia'

I just put this reminder on my blog entry of today. And I'll continue to do so, until the Happy Date.

Thank you so much for continuing to do this! I admit, I had forgotten. -sigh- But luckily, I saw the button elsewhere and came over. Again, thank you.

And interesting, that I just now have gotten my own Tasha books out, and more from the library... My life is in need of a calming influence. And my mind traveled to Tasha. Who better, to do this? She certainly didn't let "the outside," ruffle her feathers. :-) She kept her mind on her own vision. Lovely!

Gentle hugs...


I am trying to plan something - and I will be sure to come back here and post about it!!! :)Theresa

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