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Victor chair 
Hey I am off to the ocean but here is some rocken ideas to inspire you, while I am gone. Have fun and I will see you in a week xoxo

Okay, this is not necessarily summer but you must check out Debbie Dusenberry's brilliant scrap chair. It is amazing, plus scroll down the page and see the clever repair of a chipped dish. I am soo doing this!!

Smores pizza, how yummy is this? Imagine it grilled!!

Plastic spoon crafts, Roses or a Laurel Wreath

Vegtable Garden in a Bag for those of us tight on space!

Watch Victorian Pharmacy

Make popsicle bracelets with your kids (or for yourself). We are going to make these at the beach !!!

Baguettes in 30 minutes!!, loved the ice tip!!


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Dear Clarice, Thank you for sharing all of the fabulous links! That chair is gorgeous!!! Love, Paula

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

I love your lists and links Clarice!!! Hope you're enjoying your time by the sea. :)


Have a wonderful time, dear Clarice! :) Thanks so much for sharing some of your favorite summer goodness. It hit 102 degrees here today...yikes! xoxo Theresa

Gumbo Lily

The Victorian Pharmacy is very fascinating. I've only just watched the first part, but it's interesting. I'll carry on with it.

Happy Beach Days!


Thank you for not leaving without making sure I would be entertained! I'm off to check out the links... Have a great time!!

Blessings, Debbie


This is so lovely! How fun too that you've found so many neat things to make your summer fun :)


Dear Clarice,

Ooh, it looks like another Clarice-approved family fun list! :) I hope you find lots of treasures and peace at the beach.



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