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Chocolate Raspberry Cobbler in a Jar

Choco cobbler 

I have been fascinated with baking in jars for a while, mini pies, cakes, etc. Their cute, small (so I do not eat as much :-) and a great way to serve individual desserts. I have been making lots of treats with raspberries lately and am thrilled with this creation.

Choco cobbler 5 

It can be made with any berry, fresh or frozen. This cobbler is basically is a chocolate biscuit made from a soft dough, baked over raspberries and bits of chocolate. The berries and chocolate make a sauce on the bottom for the biscuit. I served it with raspberry ice cream I had made the other day but a scoop of homemade whipped cream with fresh raspberries would be wonderful too. If you have the small wide mouth jars, they would be better but I did not have any. Really this idea could be translated a dozen different ways, so have fun and play with the recipe xoxo

Choco cobbler 4  

Chocolate Raspberry Cobbler in a Jar

Makes 8 jars (or what I did was make four and then I froze, uncooked, the other four disks of dough for future cobblers. I will bake the biscuits off frozen. They will take 5 minutes longer.)


Fresh or frozen raspberries, if you use frozen do not defrost.

Dark chocolate chips or pieces

Wide mouth canning jars

 Choco dough

Chocolate dough

1 cup flour, all purpose or whole wheat pastry

½ cup coco powder

¼ cup sugar

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp salt

¼ cup (1/2 stick) hard butter, cut in cubes

½ - ¾ cup heavy cream or whole milk

Make dough: In a food processor add all dry ingredients and mix a second or two. Then chop in butter with the pulse button. Add a ¼ cup cream at a time until you get dough soft like play dough. Put dough in fridge for 30 minutes to firm it up. You can flatten the disks now and chill, if you want.

Pre-heat oven 350˚F. In the canning jars add berries and chocolate. I added six berries and six chips but you can add what you want, just leave room for the dough. My berries were sweet, so I did not add any sugar. You could sprinkle a TBL. of sugar over the berries if you want. Divide dough in 8 pieces and flatten into small disks, that will fit into the jar, if you have not done so earlier. Set disk on top of the berries. You can top with sanding sugar if you like.

Bake jars 30 minutes, uncovered. You can make them earlier in the day and warm at time of serving. Set in a 350˚F oven uncovered for five minutes. I served the cobbler with a scoop of homemade raspberry ice cream!!

Choco cobbler 1 


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This looks and sounds so yummy Clarice! Thank you for sharing the recipe and the pretty photos! xo Paula


this is great!
thank you!


This looks amazingly delicious!!!! :) Thanks for sharing, this Clarice!!! xoxox

Tierney Barden

Clarice, you make everything look so pretty and special.
I can't wait to try baking in jars - I've seen some of your previous posts using jars, but now I actually have some jars, yay!

Have a gorgeous weekend and walk on the shore for me!
xo t


Dear Clarice,

How fun and yummy-looking! I love using little jars for all sorts of things, but I've never thought of baking things in them. :)



Linda Colantino

Yummmmmmmmm....I want!

Gumbo Lily

I really want to try this. Love the presentation in the individual canning jars. It would be a fun take-along for a party or gathering.



My first thought was that it is the perfect way to tote along dessert on a picnic, too.

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing Clarice.


Dear Clarice,

This looks so yummy!! I gave frozen pies in jars for Christmas to several of my single friends with a promise that any time they returned the jars to me, they would be rewarded with more pies. Can't wait to remind the empty jars soon so I can fill them up again with your new creation.

Thanks very much.

Diane in North Carolina


OH Clarice! This looks wonderful I NEED to try this :) Thanks for sharing!


Perfect to tote along on a picnic! Delicious too. We will be enjoying this one soon. Thank you, dear Clarice. Gill xxx

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Yummm Clarice!!! Chocolate...raspberries...jars...three of my very favorite things! So clever of you my sweet friend. Thanks so much for sharing. :)


This looks divine!


Yummy! I have been experimenting with jarred foods as well --- it's such a creative idea with endless possibilities!

Great recipe! Beautiful presentation, Clarice!


Oh my gooodness! This looks fabulous. Raspberries and chocolate are two of my favorite things, and together? Divine!! Love the little jars. I've never cooked in mine before but it makes perfect sense, not to mention it's cute, cute, cute!

Blessings, Debbie


This sounds great! And my raspberries are just starting to get ripe! Gotta try it!


So darned cute! They look so good-what a great idea! I've gotta try this.

Brilliant, as usual!


Oh my this looks insanely good.

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