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June garden 2 

In WA, we get soo much rain and gray weather, that whenever the sun comes out, you want to make the most of it!! We hang outside as much as we can in the summer. Which this summer, so far, is not a lot.

June garden 3 

So I tend to think of my yard as an extension of my house. I tried moving the gazebo to a new spot. We will see how we like it. I have my little outdoor kitchen with a work table and a galvenized sink. And on the other side of the yard is our grill.

June garden 4 

I blinged up the gazebo with pieces of fabric tied around the outside, it makes a colorful bunting. And the large paper flowers from my Marie Claire Christmas, look fun hanging inside the gazebo.

June garden 1 

David and I like to eat dinner in here, when we can.

June garden 6 

My garden is slowly coming along. My climbing beans are starting to come up. I love my wheelbarrow full of different types of basil. You can not see it but I have a row of large pots filled with different types of herbs. It is like having my own little herb shop and inspires me to cook. Are you using your yard to your full potential?? We are not yet but we are getting there xoxo

June garden 


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Dear Clarice,
I love your outdoor room! The bunting is so pretty and you have made such an inviting and charming place to enjoy dinner out of doors! Everything is so cheerful and happy and you have the blessing of your lovely garden to gaze upon! Love, Paula

Sharon D.

I LOVE it! Clarice you have the most charming ideas :) I would love to do something like this too but I don't think that my husband would go for it :( He DOES however want to work on an area for a patio under a cottonwood tree near the garden so we can relax and talk :)

Have a blessed day!

Karen Andreola

You have so many bright and cheerful ideas. The fabric around your gazebo is charming as well as the touches of embroidered table scarf and pillow.
To take the place of a weedy patch (once mowed) outside our kitchen door we now have a small sunny patio surrounded by boxwood bushes and pink verbena. We've used it little so far. In July it is baking hot here. A gazebo sounds like such lovely place for meals, reading, hand sewing (in natural light) or writing paper letters - shady and free of invading insects.
Karen A.


Oh! Your garden looks so pretty!
I just got the comment you left on our doll blog! Thank you so much! I'm so glad I could brighten your day with my little magazine!
I hadn't even thought of Tasha Tudor Day until you mentioned it and now I'm so excited! It really is one of my favorite holidays! he he!
Thanks again!


Clarice, I think of all I miss from "the old house," it is my garden that I miss the most. Oh my. But there will be other gardens. Thank you for sharing yours! I love the looks of the raised beds, and the colorful bunting of which you wrote! One very positive thing about starting over (if there is such a thing under the circumstances) is that I can take notes of what will make me perfectly happy when the next garden does appear!

Thanks for your visits, including to the shop! Big hugs! Snail mail coming soon. :)


Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries ®

Love love love it all Clarice!!! Especially the outdoor kitchen! You have such a gift for making creative, productive use of what you have...it's a pleasure to read about it (as always).


This looks great! Your garden is so pretty and your gazebo so inviting! When can I come over for cocktails??


Dear Clarice,

Ooh, I love your outdoor living room! Your garden is like how I would love mine when we're some place permanent.

Thanks for sharing pictures.




I really love your outdoor living room! Looks so cozy! We are trying to keep our gardens safe from the dastardly groundhogs - lots of tomatoes are coming up (yum) and black raspberries and currants (double yum). I love all the fresh produce this time of year!!!! Enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend!!! xoxo

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

The gazebo with the bunting is so cute! Your yard looks like a wonderfully cool place to hang out. Mine could use some shade! No we're not using our yard to full advantage. But like you, we're working on it!


love it Clarice...Outside spending time with family is a good thing..I adore your gazebo! Hugs deary! Mica


It all looks so beautiful Clarice! I'll bet you have some lovely meals outside. We're definitely not using our garden to the full potential -- I blame the mosquitos!


We have the same summer here in South Central Alaska. I don't think it's even hit 60 yet. Today it's sunny and I can't get my lawn mower started!


Yes, summer is slow to start here this year. But we have to enjoy whatever comes. I love your yard set up. Looks very inviting.


I love it! Your backyard looks so wonderful and so . . . "storybook"!

Sometimes I feel very envious of people that live in a climate that is pleasant and nice in the summer -- where picnics are really an option. But the nice thing about homeschooling is it made me able to enjoy our own pleasant outdoor weather here in the south, which is from mid September to mid December, and then March through the end of May. And sometimes we will have a weather "gift", like yesterday, which brought us rain, overcast skies and a high in the low 80's, which is REALLY appreciated after days and days of 90's and little or no rain. So I look at your yard and resolve to utilize ours more once the temperatures moderate in the fall!


I didn't plant my climbing beans this year and I know I'm going to miss them! I don't think them missing from the dinner table will bother me near as much as not seeing those beautiful green teepees in the garden will... :(

I love the bunting you put around your gazebo. In fact I just love all the details that make your home so inviting!

Blessings, Debbie


Love it! Your banners and pillows especially! I may have to make some myself.

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