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Hanging Out On The Beach

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Well our staycation has ended and I was hoping life would be calmer but two trips to the ER did not help. That makes 3 visits in 3 weeks (one for me). Chloe seems better (I think, it is kind of early to tell). Anything serious has been ruled out and I am hoping it is just a stomach bug, but I am not sure. Bare with me a bit longer and I will post a yummy recipe soon xoxox

PS, we were able to have a wonderful and sunny day (that is rare around here this time of year) on the beach and find some wonderful beach glass!!

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You and the girls look so happy on this lovely beach! So sorry to hear about the emergency room trips! I am so thankful all is well now! Love, Paula


hope you guys are doing alright, keep us posted, we are praying for you Clarice,Hugs... cute pics. by the way!!!

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

I am sorry to hear that you have needed to make more trips to the ER. I am praying that everyone is healthy and back on track.

What wonderful photos! You look so sweet and the girls crack me up :) How beautiful to be able to walk the beach. We have mountains and prairies here but the beach is totally different and would be nice right now :)

Have a blessed day!

Tierney Barden

Wish I was there Clarice. Looks like a lot of fun!


that looks so fun! and a perfect summer afternoon :)


I hope you and Chloe are feeling as good as new very soon. At least you were all able to spend some nice time together at the beach. That's what truly counts. I just love walking the beach to search for sea glass and shells. Such a relaxing thing to do, while basking in the sounds of the ocean. :) Lots of love to you all! xoxo


I hope you all get better soon, and that you have great summer days.



I'm glad you all had a fun time at the beach. I haven't seen the ocean in years!

I hope things turn around and everyone starts feeling better!




Dear Clarice,

You ladies look so beautiful on the beach there! How nice that you found beach class.

I think AnnaMarie has the same thing that Chloe has; lots of cramping that moves around, then goes away, then comes back, along with nausea.

This, too, shall pass!




Glad to here things are improving and that you have good summer weather...lucky you! What lovely beach photos:) We are drowning under heavy rain here and all the flowers are being beaten down, but our own vacation time is nearly here and we are off to the beach too. Yeah Summer! Love Gill xxx


Are you being hunted by those creatures on the beach LOL? Hope you're all better soon!

Lora @ my blessed life

Ahh...those pics look so fun and inviting! I'm missing the beach right now. Thanks for sharing your day with us! And I hope you have no more ER trips in your future!


Hope everyone is feeling better soon!
Collecting sea glass is a favorite beach activity for me! :)


Gumbo Lily

You look so cool, Clarice! I like your hat.
Stay healthy!



You found beach glass!? Lucky...

No more E.R. visits. That's an order!

Blessings, Debbie


Goodness, I sure hope things improve much more for the two of you, soon, Clarice. It sounds pretty dreadful.

Lovely photos. I love it when we have true blue skies like that.

Take care.


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