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The internet is an amazing place. It has opened up a whole new world to me. I have met so many kindred spirits who I laugh, celebrate and grieve with. Through blogs I have gotten to know people, their family and the details to their day to day life. It is unlike the type of intimacies I have with my non-internet friends. But all can be not as it appears. I do have to say though, most people I have met in real life are just like I thought they would be but some are not  :-o

It is a bit shocking when someone is not the giving, open, conscientious person I thought they would be. It can make me feel like everyone on-line is fake. I realize we all want to put out our best. Plus blogging is a diary of how we see the world and ourselves. Our view of ourselves is usually skewed. I do not know about you but I do not like to look at my weaknesses. Like when my girls told me this morning I am becoming overly sensitive to things (to which I want to cry and blame it on peri-menopause ;-P but I did not ). By the way I asked what my biggest shortcoming was, they did not offers this information on their own.

This has me thinking about my blog, about you readers. Have I given you a skewed, unrealistic view of myself? Of my life? I hope not! I am pretty transparent person. It actually is one of my faults (but I am learning when and where to be transparent). I do LOVE being a homemaker and a mother. I do love to cook from scratch, putter around my house and creating. But I am not perfect! I tend to want to hide in my library and write. I love cooking but I love going out and have someone cook for me too. I like a clean house but I HATE cleaning it. I have very messy corners in my home and still to this day, struggle with keeping all of my house clean (it seems to rotate, I get one area all tidy and another falls apart). I love people but I love my privacy too. I talk too much, I am loud and not everyone considers me a sweet person ;- )

So please do not think I live a perfect home, with a perfect family, always smiling. Well actually I am mostly smiling, unless I am crying but never yelling. Hopefully, I am being real about who I am on this blog because I do not want you to meet me someday and walk away going, gosh, what a disaster! She is not who I thought she was at all !!!

 Ivy window 202

PS. To prove what a terrible housekeeper I am (and keeping things real), I am posting these pictures. I noticed the other day some ivy in the window of my little cedar closet. After closer inspection, akkk, it was growing through the side wall, INSIDE my house (Plus look at the cobwebs). I mean how long have I had ivy growing IN my house? The joys of living in a old home and a messy closet xoxo

Second image by Auberne`


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i love this post....especially the ivy growing in your window...i've read your blog for years... : )

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

I LOVE this post! So real! I don't feel so bad now ;) The Ivy makes such a beautiful touch I think. I was washing the dishes just yesterday morning only to see that a bumblebee had somehow flown in the house. I was debating whether to try and kill it (I am so afraid of bees and wasps) or try to whisk it outside. I then noticed that I had a cobweb in the corner of the window and thought "Hmmm, maybe THAT is why it's there :)" Anyway, I dislike housecleaning. I love a clean and organized home but it is hard for me to keep up and I would much rather enjoy cooking, baking or creating. I guess I need to re-structure and maybe allow myself a treat (creating or baking) IF I do some housework first :) Thanks for such a real post and I for one would love to meet you ivy and all :)

Christine LeFever

I just discovered this old post of yours and had to laugh, because I have plant life growing Inside the house too. So did the late Edward Gorey. We are in good company.

I love DON Miguel Ruiz in his The Four Agreements where the second agreement is DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY. You must be true to yourself. I love your homestead by the way. You are a very loving and creative soul. Be you and continue in joy.


Don't worry Clarice, we love you no matter what. We all have areas to work out home and in our just be who you are and we will keep coming back! Dianntha



I've always been drawn to your honesty. It is my favorite part of the you that I've come to know. I found morning glories growing in my basement! LOL!



Clarice, I love you sharing of yourself. I was thinking yesterday in church about this very thing. Somewhat. The pastor was talking about us being salt and light and I wondered if I truly was or not. Its easy enough to talk about God or our blessings, etc. on the computer but to openly talk about it to someone is altogether different sometimes. That and I may not be as nice, but I too, feel like I am very transparent.

I do love that ivy growing inside you home, so funny!!



You are a charming person Clarice! And the Best Part by far is *You are Real*.
Remember the Velveteen Rabbit, whose hair was all loved off in places and had lost the shine in his shoe-button eyes before he became Real? I don't know about your hair or eyes but I'm sure they twinkle with Life and the love of each day because you reflect it in your musings here on your little blog world. It's a pleasure to come and visit (or lurk) for a few minutes when I can.
I guess the lure of blogging is hope that *others* might appreciate something about us that we tend to think is too ordinary. We tend to think that we'll somehow be more appealing to someone who really doesn't care if we impress them. The reality is we *are* loved and appreciated by those we see everyday and who know us best.
Truthfully, I don't have time to blog much......I'm too busy living and trying to catch up with the day-to-day. The cobwebs are showing here.......does that mean that spiders are really lurking somewhere too? Oh, My!

Lovely to chat......(that about does it for my social interaction for a week). But I'll be back soon, I love to visit you and your girls.
~Carolyne you know what Kenilworth Ivy is? That is what is growing through my window.....and I decided *I love it*.

{{hugs}} to you.


Great post and food for thought. My husband always warns me about this when I get a little too awed by certain blogs that I read, bordering on envy! :) We do hope that our blogs are genuine, but we also tend to put our best foot forward saving our worst days for only a venting now and then. Your blog is lovely, cobwebs, ivy and all! :)


A couple of years ago I stumbled by accident upon a blog and as I scrolled down I realized that I knew the person who it belonged to. Her children and her home were displayed in many pictures. In all the many times I'd spoken to her and even when I mentioned that I was thinking about starting a blog she never said anything about having one. The life she presented on her blog was totally different than I knew her real life to be. I figured it was her way to escape from reality and maybe it made her feel better to post about a perfect life of fiction. I never told her I found her blog and I never went back to it. When I started my blog a few months ago I made a point to tell everyone I knew about it. That was my way of keeping it real.


So Clarice~ as per your inspiration I did post the dreaded bedroom. I didn't point out the dust on the floor or the bookshelf but your wisened eye will see it! :)

Blessings, Debbie


Well sweetie none of us is perfect and that's a fact. On my blog I present the positive as I'm that kind of person in real life always looking toward the positive side and not the negative. Honestly we all have enough negative happen in our lives it's not fun to keep reading about it. However some is okay as that is life right, one gets sick, accidents happen, I mean people who totally concentrate on the negative and there are some out there on blogs which I try and stay away from. What I enjoy is honesty like yours, you admit you are not the best housekeeper but like a clean house. Oh I love the ivy growing out of the wall there. We all like to know other people are just like us not perfect but we try.


I suppose everyone feels like you do, to some extent. When you look at some blogs the house is gorgeous, their kids are perfect, they've just returned from a glorious trip to Paris and there was a message waiting from their publisher saying they want to publish their book. And to top it all off they are a size 3!

It can make a girl feel inadequate sometimes!

But you are lovely, my dear. You have been such a sweet find on the internet. You have style. You have panache. You have a good heart. Ivy plants and spider webs be damned! That part just proves you're human!

Love ya!


You're too funny Clarice. I struggle to keep houseplants alive -- they seek you out. You must be VERY special! ;-D

Janis Dietz

I so enjoy your blog and pictures! I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the midst of what is becomming the worst drought in their history; I would LOVE to have a lovely green ivy growning into my house!


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for such a lovely and open post. I am sorry that you had an unfortunate experience. And don't you worry - we all love you for who you are! No one is perfect - the world would be rather boring if we were. It is our imperfections and humanity that make us all unique. Blogging is a wonderful way to open up and share what makes each of us so special. And I think you are doing a lovely job of that! There are days when I am grouchy or depressed or don't want to create nice things. I am not happy 100 percent of the time. Just do what you do...and I love that there is cobweb on your are REAL, dear friend. Have a happy weekend! xoxo


So happy I dropped by to read this post!
Clarice, from the first time we spoke some 5 years ago I knew right off the bat your were a kindred spirit.
Your interesting views and topics you discuss on your blog are true from your heart and a have always been a delight to read, because of that.
I also like the way you tell it like it is! I believe that's healthy!
Chloe and Auberne are a refelection of your love and grace and are the sweetest souls.
Over the past five years I've watched your writing improve to perfection. Not that I'm an expert, but do know when I have a good read. You have an elegant way of capturing your thoughts on paper in a most wonderful way.
Regardless of whether your home has cobwebs or you think you talk too much. I love you and am honored we met via blog way five years ago.
One more....thingy....
I hope ONE DAY we will have the oppurtunity to meet in person. I'm sure we would not shut up! Keep up the great work Clarice. I know the future is bright for you!

Linda Colantino

Hi Clarice...I enjoyed your message and the reality you brought to your post! I would never have a blog if I it wasn't for you and your lovely blog!!! You really inspired me and encouraged me to start one. I love blogs and the whole way it allows us to be creative and meet new people. I remember you telling me it takes a lot of time and that it does! I find myself thinking now...oh that will be fun for a blog post! I do think we can make up a pretend world if we wish...I'm ok with a bit of it. I think it's a great way to express yourself-the good and the bad. Blogs are such an expression of each individual.
I was so happy to meet you and your girls and that led to meeting Angie and her family. I have to say, it's wonderful to meet those we chat with via the computer.
I do enjoy my privacy and quiet time too....maybe that's why I like internet friends. Something to think about my friend.
Anyway, I miss you and am happy our paths have crossed.
Much love always,


You've made me so happy! I laughed out loud when I came to the part of the ivy growing inside the window! You are my kinda gal! As you can tell by all the comment above, I think most of us are the same. None of us is perfect and won't be this side of heaven! Thank goodness for good friends, whether real-life or fellow bloggers, who share common weaknesses!
My home is usually in some state of 'disarray'. That comes from being creative, don't you think? I was raised by my grandparents and gramma had a kitchen plaque that read, "My house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy." That's my motto!
Be Blessed, my friend!


I have nasturtiums and climbing hydrangeas coming thru my windows:)

Faye Henry

Hi Clarice.. I just had to tell you how much I appreciated your post.. I know you are serious about it but it made me smile, grin and then laugh because we are basically all the same..
We only wish we could be perfect.. If there is no hope in ourselves we then hope we can find it in someone else...
But... there are none perfect.. except for Him..
Thanks for the ivy.. loved it...


Wow! You sound an awful lot like me! I hate cleaning! I love your house though. In fact I was thinking about your blog last night because I have always wanted to live in a storybook house. I think if your house was too clean it wouldn't be as I right?


Dear Clarice,

I think you're practically perfect, just the way you are! I love knowing that you are human, just like me. You'll never see a post where I brag about my housekeeping abilities, that's for sure! :) Good thing I have cute children and chickens to divert people's attention!

I think that blogging is truly a wonderful thing, and that we should look at it as people trying to add cheer and blessings to the world, no matter how imperfect that person may be.




Problem is... I would probably TRY to get the ivy to grow into my house ON PURPOSE. And if it just did it by itself I would post it as one of the cool things in my life, not an example of poor housekeeping. Now, if I were going to show THAT, it would be the stacks of fabric, yarn and craft bins that have multiplied in my bedroom. And that's only on one side. The other side is overflowing with home school books. Of course, where this has happened it is virtually impossible to get at the dust bunnies that are accumulating faster that real rabbits multiply! In fact I may just post about this tomorrow as a goodwill offering to you, in an effort to keep it real! ;)

Blessings, Debbie


Hey Sunshine!

You are always real and I can't believe you would ever thing otherwise! LOL

You keep doing what you are doing and just let your light shine. That is one of the best things about you --- you are what you are...


A very faulty Matty


Really Special sweet Post! Well I find it hard to be close with people. I never used to but I feel this way now. Im not like that but I find people just dont really reach out alot. Not that I feel shunned, I have ppl comment on my page. Its just in real life, like you thought you had a friend and then boom they arent really interested. And Im not a clinger~on~er either. Its just a difficult thing to make close kindred friends. Does that make any sense? I moved from VA to Texas and I miss those few Special close ones I have, but they are not close nearby. Sometimes I wonder is it me? But I dont think so I think its the fast world today and people maybe arent real sensitive. I dont know. What do think? xx


I may skim blogs once in awhile that seem to be by perfect people but I only regularly read (and look forward to) those that I know are just like me... imperfectly living a creative life. :)

That's one thing I don't have to worry about, I've had people complain that I was TOO truthful about my life.

I love your blog the way it is.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest

I had to ponder on this for a while...Can't say it's something I ever really think about. I suppose I don't really know if people are being fake or not. I just enjoy what people post on their blogs and leave it at that. I know that no one is perfect or has a perfect life. So it's not even in my head to wonder about it.

I don't necessarily want to read about people's problems or to see their messy rooms all the time. So if that's what it takes to "be real" then forget about it :) There's enough depressing stuff on the news.

There's really no way that a blog could capture the whole essence of a person. It's just bits and pieces of life. I think most people are aware of that. At least I would hope so.


Dear Sweet Clarice...

Keep being who you are, no one is perfect...I am far from it too! :)
And just to let you know, we once had a ivy sneak its way through a bathroom window in our house!!! :)


Gumbo Lily

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with cobwebs in my house. I only wish I could grow ivy through the walls or in any way.

Have a happy day.

Penney Douglas

I think about this, too, as I look at others' blogs and think, wow, they have it all together, and I'm just plain old me, muddling along. Why do we always compare ourselves to others and come out feeling like we're less? I often remind myself, though, now that I'm older and I've been through some stuff that we have to pace ourselves or we'll burn out, and if I try to be perfect and have a perfect house, I usually end up yelling and acting like the Wicked Witch of the West. So I just ask the Lord to help me and ask the Holy Spirit to lead me into what He wants me to do each day. I don't even do that perfectly, but I know He still thinks I'm lovely and precious.


Ivy growing into your house looks pretty charming to me!

I believe we are ALL far more complex and interesting in person than what presents on a blog or in a photograph. I remember seeing some photos someone took of my yard several years ago and I was blown away -- they looked so GOOD (way better than photos I take, as taking pictures are just not my thing) -- the photos made my yard look like a magazine shoot! While when I go in my yard it looks more like Sanford and Son (i.e. junky) to me. I figure the key is the composition, focus, and choices of what to photograph. I think blogging is the same way -- we present focused, composed snippets of life. It's not less real, it's simply a fragment of the reality.

The Beautiful Life

LOVE this post!! And how cool is it that you can grow ivy -- without even trying -- inside your house!! :) I have such a black thumb, I could never get it to grow, and I totally pampered it! Maybe I should have just stuck it somewhere and left it alone! :)

You're great -- loved this post. :)


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