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A Mother's Day Plea

Spring Garden

Spring garden 202 

Lots of work happening in the garden lately. Veggies planted

Spring garden 505 

New shed built (now what color to paint it???)
Spring garden 404 

Flowers planted

Spring garden 110 

Pond to be cleaned out

Spring garden 606 

Old fallen apple tree needs to be dealt with

Spring garden 909 
Still plenty to do xoxox


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Gumbo Lily

Lettuces are up! Won't it be nice to make fresh garden salads? Your outdoors is coming along beautifully. I have to wait for more warmth to plant, but I have some volunteer lettuces coming up in the garden. yay!



You have arches! I love your little garden shed! A storybook picture perfect.

Sharon D.

Beautiful Clarice!

I need to get planting now that it looks like the weather is warming up and staying that way :)

You'll have to save the applewood to use for a fire or smoking meats or sausages (once the wood is seasoned). How nice would that be? I have always wanted to try an applewood fire after reading about Gladys Tabor having one :)

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos, and I can't wait to see what color you paint your shed :)


So green and lovely...
(I'm trying not to covet your front door!)

IT's Just Dottie

Everything in your life is so beautiful.

karen andreola

Your estate looks storybook indeed. The spring sunshine streaming through shady evergreens, the moss and stones, brown fallen leaves, all surrounding your raised beds must make gardening a pleasure for you. I've been transplanting moss from the edge of the woods to the cracks between our stepping stones - in efforts to "try" to create a more aged and settled look. Then I read your pretty post and was instantly glad I am at least "trying."


There's always so much to do outside isn't there. I had no idea you had so much land! I don't think I've ever seen your veggie garden before? Love the mossy steps and that great door! Need to see more of that pond area-looks like a lovely cool spot to relax!



It all looks beautiful!

We're not a far into Spring, yet. I found out our cold spring is called Dogwood Winter!

By next week, there should be lots more green. Another frost is due tonight but my little seedlings are looking out the window with such longing...


Everything looks so lovely! Your gardens are fab! Now, get those hands dirty! What fun!


Everything looks beautiful, Clarice! So lovely and green. I spy some lettuce in the garden...yum! xoxo Theresa


love the Spring garden..Your scape is delightful. Enjoy this lovely day... My son is in Seattle as i write...he said ya all had rain this it gone yet? Hugs,Mica


You are way far along compared to me up here in Alaska. It's still not 'green up' yet. Our pond stays filled at all times and frozen solid in the winter.


Such a lovely setting for your romantic-looking home! Happy gardening.


Looking mighty grand!
I can't wait till we have veggies!!!00

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