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Wood book 202 

Good day, the girls and I are still playing with ways to express our thoughts and feelings through art. I had written about painting on muslin, well another book I purchased was The Elemental Journal by Tammy Kushnir. I was attracted to this book because she breaks down each chapter into different elements; wood, paper, plastic, fabric and metal. I like the idea of using elements outside or in our recycling bin, to create with. Our books are not exactly like Tammy's but she inspired us.

Wood book 404 

We found bark leftover from splitting wood last summer. Let it dry (It took almost two weeks to dry) and drilled three holes, on the side of each piece. Using thin copper wire, we wired the books together. Chloe choose to make her book stay open. It has a special message in the glass vile, only she knows.

Wood book 303 

My book has a simple line from a poem I wrote. An old, worn spoon I found on the beach and some pink glass beads, are wired into the spine.

Wood book collage

Auberne` made the most elaborate book (click on picture to enlarge). A fairy field guide, with fairy wings and pixy dust filled bottle. We really found The Elemental Journal inspiring and have several more projects we want to do. Well done Tammy and thank you for the inspiration xoxo 


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Very cool project!

Gumbo Lily

What a wonderful idea. Beautiful bark books.


Hi Clarice! These "elemental" journals are just so lovely. What an excellent idea - I have marked that book down on my wish list. I love the idea of using nature's gifts to make beautiful things. :) Each one of you created amazing little pieces of art. xoxo Theresa


These are stunning! i'm a bit overwhelmed by your creativity but we (my girls and I) just may give this a shot...

Blessings, Debbie

Sweet Cottage Dreams

hi my friend!!

ohhhh...i love the beauty of the bark book - so thoughtful and creative. little gifts from God to inspire you....i just love that.

you may come and live here anytime you please...or even visit. our home is open to you, sweet friend...and your daughters, too.



Dear Clarice,

I love them! What fun to add to a nature collection.




Dera Clarice,
These are so creative and fun looking. I just have to show my nature lovers here too
Have a blessed day


Clarice dear,

Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK with your hummer babies. I hope they thrive.

Love the projects you all did. Absolutely enchanting.

Love to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


These turned out so good. I love nature and bark takes me to the woods. Love you.


I was looking at the photos with this post before I read what you'd written, thinking that they reminded me of 'The Elemental Journal' which I just got in the mail to review. Wonderful! :)

I visit here occasionally, but never comment...but you always make me smile. :) Thanks for that.

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