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From gathering  springs 2 
Gathering Spriggs, the minute I saw this cross-stitching painting on a wall, I thought this was simply brilliant and was pinching myself for not thinking of the idea myself. What a fun, easy, granny chic way way to fill a wall !!!

Blueberry cobbler 
Draw and Cook Recipes!!


Make a 1950 Brooch

The Lightkeepers Movie, this is a sweet movie about love and forgiveness. I highly recommend it and if you have Netflix, it is on instant watch!!

Ckae plates 

Make Charming Square Cakeplates


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Gumbo Lily

I love that cross stitch wall painting. How do people think up such creative ideas? I'm glad they share their ideas so I can copy them! I also have visited They Draw and Cook and love seeing the recipes. Again, more creativity to admire.



These are all very charming things. :) I can see why you love them - they are beautiful! :) Theresa xoxo


Awesome finds Clarice. That cross-stitch wall is pretty cool -- up close it doesn't look like much, but stand back!


Awww, I love that cross stitch wall design! its so fresh and sweet! Hmmm....what surface of this house havent I painted on... ;)
I'll put that movie on my queue! always looking for a good new one to watch!~


I just watched "The Light keepers” last week, I thought it was sweet and I loved the
attire. And that cross-stitch wall, swooning here, Eline’s Huis work is wonderful…
And thank you for the brooch link, too cute.


Mrs Squirrel

That cross stitch picture is fabulous , i have been thinking of using cross stitch patterns to make mosaics with and this is another angle

thanks for sharing


Thank you for sharing these lovely links!


Amanda @ House Revivals

Oh my goodness! That cross stitch painting is brilliant -- I love it too!

Account Deleted

Thank you for sharing these ideas Clarice. I appreciate it. I'm adding that movie to my list!





Your book sounds very interesting :)
Do you ship to Canada? How much would shipping be? I'd like to order, if it's not too much.

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