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Paint a Tray

Painted 303

Thank you so much for all the kind notes and looking forward to five more years of me blogging. We will see what I come up with ;-)

Speaking of coming up with, I wanted  share this simple but stunning tray I made. I was at a friend's and she had this old, beat up silver tray. Now normally I love old beat up things but this was one of those things that was not charming. It had good lines but just plan scruffy looking. The tray was a great size and she asked me if I wanted it (knowing I would bling it up).

Painted tray 404 

It was very simple, all I did was give it a quick cleaning to remove any dirt or oil. Dry and spray paint it. I used rust-oleum satin finish (krylon works too, any paint that can be used on metal) it took three coats, I painted both front and back. For the legs, I used plastic drawer knobs (If screws sticks out, just saw them off). I glued a knob on each corner for feet. That was it, very simple. I am sure you have some old (uncharming) piece of silver you could bling up!!

Painted tray 202

Now onto the winner of the little metal candy dish. Theresa congratulations on winning and thank you again for all your support of me and my little corner of the world xoxox


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What a great idea. I have one of those that I love but cover with doilies an such cuz its not in the best shape. I am going to do this to it! Thanks.!


Fabulous Idea, Love the Blue Tray, not sure how I got here, but sure Happy I Arrived!
Have a wonderful Weekend...


I have some metal trays that need some TLC-great idea the spray paint.

Gumbo Lily

The blue tray is fabulous! I am looking at things differently now (with spray paint in the back of my mind).


Account Deleted

That is such a lovely shade of blue, and it gives your tray a nice cottage look. It's a wonderful idea Clarice. Thank you for sharing.


Very clever and I love the color, reminds me of a robins egg:-)


HA! I knew you would do something fabulous with that old tray! Love it-


Wow Clarice! I would never have thought that you could do that. And what a way to keep from polishing that silver LOL!


This tray is just sooooo lovely, Clarice. Now I want to find an old metal tray and remodel it, too! The color is just so lovely for spring. The end effect is sheer elegance. I am most delighted to have won something beautiful that you have made, Clarice. I will cherish it always!!! :) xoxo Theresa


Oh I love it! I think I have a couple of those trays around here and since I'm not a big fan of silver I'll now consider spray-painting them!

Seeing your little chair, I thought you might like the project I made--I put up photos in my blog post today. It's a tiny dresser made of match boxes. :)

Again, great job on the tray, Clarice! ...Debra


Gorgeous color - just perfect for Easter.


What a beautiful makeover!!! I love the little feet and the color is just yummy!!

I would love to show this off on my blog if you would be so kind to give your permission. I will be sure to link the picture back to your page.

bee blessed

Amanda @ House Revivals

Your tray makeover is beautiful! Love the legs :)


Oh this turned out lovely and that shade of blue, perfect!


Beautiful...lovely for your spring decor. Congrats to the winner! :)


Linda Colantino

Clarice...what kind of paint do you use?
Very pretty, very you.


so sweet! Cannot wait for you to see my new bird cage. same color blue:)


Omg Auntie I love thistray I just saw awesome silver serving trays at a used store here!! I want to try this!

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