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A Spring Apron

Spring apron 303 

I made a new spring apron and had to share! A couple of months ago, I was able to hit the bins at Goodwill. They have certain stores where you just pay by the pound. These carts roll out and you dig through them and like I said, pay by the pound. I had soooooo much fun and totally scorned a bunch of vintage (30's and 40's) clothes. I got handmade matching little girls dresses (big sis and little sis) with mini rick-rack trim from the 30's. They are in perfect condition and are of museum quality. Really, I think I am going to sell them. Anyways if you get a chance to go to the bins, go for it!!

Spring apron 606 

Well onto the apron. This apron starts with a little girl's dress (not vintage) that I got at the bins. I loved the fabric and actually only bought it for the ruffle.The dress is a straight piece with elastic at the top and ribbons tying at the shoulder. So I started by taking out the side seam and the elastic. Then I had a big flat piece and decided to do more with it.

Spring apron 707 

I also bought a round embroidered cloth, not in the best of shape, so I cut that in half. For the waist, I simple pulled out some vintage red seam binding and a little hot pink hem-facing lace to go over the seam binding in the front for interest. I sewed the half circle to the top of the dress and then the seam binding and then the lace. Waa-laaa, I have an adorable apron!!

Spring apron 808 

Why I wanted to post about this, well besides showing you my rocken apron (which I adore) is I am now looking at children's clothes in a whole new light. Really anything gathered. Just think about it, take out the gathering and open up one side and see what you have!!! I could have made a small curtain with this piece, a bag, if I was skinnier a skirt for myself, sooo many ideas. It only cost me about a $1.00  to make (Sadly the killer green heels were a bit more, but everyone needs to garden in green heels!! )                              You cannot get any better then that xoxo

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Spring apron 101


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simply adorable

karen andreola

Partial to roses I have to say that your daughter's skirt is pretty topped with an apron made out of an embroidered table scarf - a stylish way to use linen that an unknown homemaker spent hours to stitch. Several table scarfs await recreations at my house. An antique barn store nearby has a pile of them.


Is it too soon to say I love you?
LOL! This is GREAT!! I love it all other the place -- thank you for sharing, because i am already planning my next apron!
I found you by way of our common link-up on Raising Homemakers, and I am so glad I did!

Account Deleted

I'd love to make something like this for the garden, with pockets. Maybe a bit shorter, so that when I kneeled it wouldn't get in the way. It's charming Clarice!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

Leave it to you Clarice!!! I'm smitten with every aspect of this...from buying by the how you made such charming use of what you found and...of course...the SHOES! Sooo cute and clever. I always love how you think. :)
P.S. Love the skinny jeans underneath too!


Wow! Very clever idea and she turned out beautifully. The combination is great. Shoes are pretty rockin' too.


That is really cute and looks like it was easy to put together. Another great idea. Mom

Wayside Wanderer

This is SOOOO cute! What a great idea. I think the tie at the waste totally makes it perfect. Why do I never find cute clothes at Goodwill???? I've heard little towns are better than ones in the city.

Gumbo Lily

I like how you think.
I never find any cute stuff at our thrift stores. Glad you do. Sweet apron.



Really cute! I love the remake of a beautiful skirt! You've put it all together beautifully.

PS: I love the green shoes! Go Chloe!


Wow, Clarice!!! That apron is tooo adorable. :) I love going to Goodwill - you can find so many awesome treasures there. Thanks for sharing this pretty. :) Theresa


Dear Clarice,

It's too adorable! What a sweet idea, and a great way for me to upcycle lots of outgrown dresses!

Thanks for another Wren idea. :)




Really really adorable. I love the green shoes with the apron. Perfect for spring!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Really, really cute! My Goodwill doesn't do the bin thing (I wish)!



I love it! Our GW doesnt have that kind of bin and I find it a bit pricey here for a thrift store...but every now and then I find gems. I recently found a book I was pondering ordering from Amazon. Its quite expensive but I found it in GW for only $2.99 and still wrapped in its original shrink wrap! Even that price was below what they normally sell their books for. Its like it was waiting for me.

But after reading this I may look at some of the other clothing racks they have for fabrics I like that I might be able to repurpose.


Oh my I do so wish we had a thrift store such as yours. I love that skirt too the model is wearing.


Wow -- it sounds like you have a really good Goodwill. What an adorable apron!


The apron is LOVELY! And I'm so jealous of your thrift store score! You may want to re-think your sewing dislike because you have an awesome eye for putting things together!



Lora @ my blessed life

I love it, Clarice!! I want one:))) I love cooking in an apron!


How cute is this! You look fab, btw, in the green heels!


The apron is adorable! But I must confess, the shoes are stunning:)

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