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5 Year Bloggiversary Giveaway

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    Welcome to my 5 year bloggiversary, I wish I could serve you a chocolate dipped violet shortbread and a cup of tea!! I am shocked it has been five years. I remember when I started my blog I had a very clear vision of what I wanted (and how scared I was). I wanted to create a place where I could encourage others, as well as myself, to enjoy making a home and creatively make the most out of the small moments in our lives. Life, homemaking, parenthood, is not easy but I find the best way to get through hard work is to look for the joy, the fun. It is all about where you place your eyes. This is what I wanted Storybook Woods to be about and I am happy to say I think it is, I know it inspires me in my own life.

    I wish I had the words to express how much blogging has changed my life but I do not. When I started my blog I had never taken photos before, struggled to write a paragraph and basically had no clue what I was doing (and still do not ;-). But having a venue to share my creativity has only fueled me more. It has opened my eyes in ways I never would have thought, made me braver, stretched me and given me such opportunities. If you had told me 5 years ago, all I would be accomplishing, I would not have thought it possible. Truly!

   But there is so much more, Storybook Woods has also touched and encouraged my girl’s life in a permanent, lasting way. They have met kindred spirits who have loved and encouraged them, told them to just be themselves and not worry what others think. They see the importance of creativity, home and friendship through all of you.

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    Friendship ... I think is the most important thing I and my girls have gained these 5 years. So many kind, generous readers! I cannot look at a corner of my home and not see a token of love from a reader. You have cheered me on, trusted me with your hearts and made me feel that I too am okay just the way I am. You know as a child, I did not have many friends. I was ridiculed, bullied and told I just was not applying myself. So all this support and encouragement you have given me, helps that little girl know she is just fine and needs to listen to her heart.

    Thank you, thank you ... so much for your support, your trust, your love! As a thank you, I would like to have a little giveaway. It is open to everyone! I made this little robin’s-egg blue dish (I will share next post how to make one) with a vintage velvet flower and would like to offer it as a token of thanks. Just make a comment and in 5 days we will pick a winner.

    I am excited to see what the next 5 years hold. The blogging world has changed soooooooooooo much since I started (I already feel like an old timer ;-). Sometimes I miss the old days, when I think blogging was a bit simpler BUT I still see such love, creativity and support. It is a world I am proud to be part of. My first post I wrote 5 years ago, I said 


"I truly hope you find Storybook Woods

a place of inspiration, also a place to help you play.

So get a cup of tea, something to eat and enjoy!"


     I can say I still feel exactly the same way 5 years later. I want to encourage you, help you to play and make the most of what you have. Also to give you a little respite from your day to day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

                                                                             Love Clarice 


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Junie Moon

Congratulations on this remarkable 5-year achievement, Clarice. Blogging has also brought me many blessings, although this past year has been a struggle to maintain it along with other things going on in my life. However, blogging still means a lot to me as it does for you and your girls. Please do not enter my name in your delightful giveaway as I truly have more than I need.

Linda Colantino

Dear Clarice...I can't believe it's been five years! WOW...congrats! I also want to thank you because you really inspired me to begin my blog. I don't know if I would have tried one, but I have always enjoyed yours so much. AND...now we are friends who have actually met and had some dang good times together-and laughs, don't forget the laughs!!!!!
Love ya, Linda Lou


Happy Blogaversary!!! :)


Congrats, Clarice! I can't believe it's been 5 years. I remember when you were talking about starting your blog and trying to pick out a name...You've come a long way, baby!


Mary Thresher

Wow! Five years and it's better then ever! It's been so great to see where just a few thoughts five years ago have brought you. I miss you and think of your family often! Love and Hugs, Mary


Howdy doody Clarice,happy 5Th anniversary,how fantastic!!!A year ago I didn't know that this world of blogging existed,hard to believe but yes i was not acquainted with computers and then pow!!!lightning bolts I discovered all these fantastically creative people especially you,what a kind lovely person you are A BIG THANK YOU to letting me into your world Ive learnt such a lot xXx Amanda xXx


Woo Hoo.. 5 years! Happy Anniversary Clarice! I feel completely blessed to have known you through your blog and emails. Your recipes, your pictures, and your words. I can't believe it's been 5 years, time flies. While we have not meet in person, I'm very honored to call you my friend.


Congratulations new friend! You bless my life more than I could ever say :-)

stephen kalosky

Clarice keep up this great blog. Truly has been inspirational while I try and recover and gain my health back. I would like to win fifth price for the 5th years of blogging and that would be a chocolate dipped violet shortbreadck.


Congratulations Clarice on five lovely years.....

I look forward to more wonderful years with you and your blog....



So wonderful! Imagine what the next five years may hold!! I always enjoy reading your posts.

Penney Douglas

You have created a beautiful place here. I think you have accomplished above and beyond what you ever dreamed, haven't you? Writing a book and everything. Amazing! Blogging's a pretty cool blessing from God.

Pamela Laurie

Congratulations on % years of blogging. Keep being creative, I have learnes so much! Thanks! Pamela


Oh, Clarice! you are such a special blessing to me. You are my happy place, when I feel down, I click on your blog and you always make my days more beautiful.
Thank you for your blog:) and book:0)

Te candy dish is amazing, just like you!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Has it been that long!:) Blogging has changed but you've stayed the same sweet creative blogger.

Happy blogaversary!


Tierney Barden

Congratulations Clarice! Wishing you more lovely projects, beautiful stories and special touches to come. : )

two crazy crafters

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging! That is a great accomplishment as you've always shown beauty and inspiration to everyone. Thank you for the person you are. Have a nice weekend! Twyla


Congrats on 5 years! Wow, that makes you an antique here in blogland! LOL:) I have enjoyed reading your blog for many years & over that time gotten to know you & your precious girls. Today I count you as a friend. I love the message your blog sends, reading it becomes an escape for me into a simpler ideal lifestyle.
You are always there with a comment, smile & tip. I love how you share so much with us all, never asking for anything in return. An example of that is your give-away. No jumping thru hoops, signing on as a follower, yada yada yada. Just leave a comment. That's the way I like it!
Please enter me, I have just the spot for that adorable candy dish.

Pearl Maple

congrats on the special anniversary
and thank you
for all the wonderful inspriational posts along the way


Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Clarice. Five years - that is awesome! I'm so thrilled that we met and became friends. You are such an inspiration. I look forward to celebrating another five years with you. :) Thank you for offering such a gorgeous goody for a giveaway! xoxo Theresa


Happy 5 years dear Clarice. It is a wonderful thing and you have been an inspiration to me, I am so thrilled we have met not only here blogging but in real life...so glad we had the opportunity to meet for lunch. I will cherish the short time we had and know that wjen we are in Washington again I will be taking a ferry over. Hugs and cheers to you and five years! Mica


Happy Bloggiversary Clarice!!!!! Excited and blessed that you have chosen to make the world a more encouraging and beautiful place


Congratulations, you have the BEST blog!

I started blogging five years ago this summer and I remember when I could visit each person who left a comment!

Here is wishing for you another five years. :)


Well I have been reading you since I started my blog, gee I wonder when that was let me look. It looks like my first blog post was June 16th 08. I know I somehow found you right away. I had my blog printed and was so happy with the results of course it keeps growing so I bet I'm due for another book soon. I used Blog to Print and did it in stages so it didn't hurt that way.


Your blog is one of the first ones I found when I first started reading blogs a few years back. I was drawn to the "realness" of it, and have found much encouragement and inspiration.

You have taken the time the answer questions for me several times which I greatly appreciate. I'm also thankful for your support of Caroline's blog.


Congratulations on five wonderful years of blogging, Clarice. You have truly inspired each and every one of your readers. It has been our pleasure to see you grow and create. Your journey has taken you so far --- new friends, great ideas, creative adventures, and the authorship of an entire book! WOW! Blessings to you as you continue to teach and inspire.


Account Deleted

Happy Anniversary, Clarice.

I'm so so very grateful that blogging brought you into my life. My visits with you are an important part of my days. You are a true friend. Thank you.



Congrats on five years of blogging, Clarice! You've created such a special, peaceful place here and I always enjoy popping over to see what's new. Here's to another great five years! Blessings, Debra

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage

Congratulations on your five year bloggiversary! I hope you have many many more!


Did you ever think you'd be at this point. You continue to amaze me with what you can accomplish. I wonder what it will be in another 5 years. Love, Mom


Dear Clarice,

Congratulations on 5 years of blogging!!! I have always been inspired by my visits here and you and your family are so precious!



Happy Blogiversary Clarice -- and may you have many more!

Jen Bell

WOW! Congrats on 5 years and I cant believe I have never found you on this world wide web my old friend. What a beautiful and lovely blog from a beautiful and lovely person. So much blog reading to catch up on.


Dear Clarice,

Has it been five years? Wow! Just think of all the lives you've touched, and now with your book, as well! I'm 2/3 the way through Wren Bay, savoring each chapter in my daily hot bath. :) I've been telling my girls what it's about; we may have to use it for our next read aloud!

The little dish looks lovely; just like everything you touch.




Happy Blogiversary!

Maxine Howe

Clarice, I remember when you first posted a link to your new blog on the HIK loop. I've been following you ever since. Through your blog, I've become reacquainted with wonderful women like Beatrix Potter and Tasha Tudor. I've watched your daughters grow from cute little girls to lovely young women. You are such an inspiration. You've freely shared recipes and invited us into your beautiful and heartwarming home. Your blog is as beautiful as you are. Keep blogging, lady!


So lovely, your post about your blog.
I remember when we first began conversing. We both started blogging about the same time. We became friends almost instantly and I value and honor you friendship and love even more the past five years.
Your blog was beautiful to begin with but has become even more stunning and interesting than ever.
From the wonderful recipes you share with your readers, the girls growing up before our eyes and the cozy atmosphere Storybook Woods brings is not only enchanting but inspiring and soothing to the soul.
I hope to still be friends 5 years from now.
Warmly and lovingly with kisses and hugs...
Jill x0


Congratulations Clarice! 5 Years is a huge accomplishment.

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