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Two very dear friends of mine, Mrs. Staggs and Karla are having a Using The Good Stuff party, so I had to join in!! I have to say this book wreath is the most favorite thing I have ever made. I adore it!! I just cut cardboard into the shape I wanted, added torn pages from a very old children's book. Embellished it with pale pink roses off an old hat, a birds nest and some ribbon. Simple and stunning. Thank you ladies for the push, I love you both xoxox

PS I should say I was orginaly inspired by House Revival's wreath!!

Good stuff


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The Pleasures of Homemaking

Love it! I love the pale pink roses with the nest - so pretty!


Wilhelmina the bird's nest!


Clarice! This wreath is SOOOO beautiful. There is so much to love about old books - I enjoy using them for projects. Congrats, by the way, on winning the Good Stuff challenge (I peeked at your comments). xoxo Theresa


Just lovely!


Clairice, you have won my prize pack for the Good Stuff challenge! Please send me your address and I'll drop it in the mail for you.


Beatiful Clarice!!


Katsui Jewelry

that is soooo beautiful! knocks my socks off!



It's gorgeous!!


Now that is just DARLING! Well done!! Now I want one lol


Very sweet -- look at those gorgeous millinery flowers!!


Very pretty Clarice! I love the punch of blue in the ribbon too!


How fun is this? It's absolutely great.


Holly R. Moore

Really gorgeous! Isn't using the good stuff fun? I just love how the pages look in the rectangle shape. And what can be better than those flowers. Such a clever idea.

Judy B.

What a great idea! I love it! And I love the rose corsage embellishment! So pretty!

Kris Pare

I love the mixture of the vintage paper with the ribbons, roses, and robin eggs! Pretty!


Your wreath is lovely Clarice. I love the colors, and the way that using the vintage elements lends so much character and texture. You simply can't duplicate that with newer things.

Thanks for participating Clarice. I'm so happy that the result was such a happy one.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I love the patina on old book pages. Your wreath is really lovely.



Oh, that is so cute, Clarice! I love that it is square and not round or oval ~ they are so predictable! Yours is so refreshingly different! Of course I love anything that has to do with birds, birdhouses, birdfeeders or birdnests! Makes your wreath sing spring!


It's lovely, Clarice. I especially like the pretty blue sash.


Simply beautiful, and what a wonderful thing to do with the book! Lovely flowers!

Tierney Barden

One look and it's easy to see why this is one your favorite projects! It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Clarice.

Beth Leintz

Perfectly beautiful- and I love the little nest of eggs at the bottom- what a sweet surprise.


That is wonderful! I love the little bug at the bottom..Hmmmm...I may need to make one of these! karen....

Amanda @ House Revivals

Wow! This is just gorgeous! I like it better than mine! The details like the way you belted the hanger, and the robin's nest -- it is just exquisite.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Clarice, I LOVE this!!! Sooo beautiful and one of a kind. I love the elements your used. I adore old childrens books. I still read them, lol! I love the millinery too!! Beautiful job!

Charlotte Smothers

Vintage is my heart-throb. A lovely way to use this old paper.


How cute is this?? Will you adopt me??


Absolutely gorgeous!!! What a great idea. I love what you have created with your GOOD stuff.


Very novel and beautiful!


Genius I say, Just beautiful!!

Celeste Hude

Very Unique! I would have never thought of that, love the color scheme too!
Celeste, The Victorian Tailor, (Good Stuff on blog list)


This is really pretty. Gives me an idea on how to use some favorite cabinet card frames.


Oh my gosh, how wonderful! And lush, with all those flowers. That is where using the Good Stuff really makes a difference between pretty and wow!


I love the blue sash you used to hang it with. Really pretty, now I need to think of a way to make an outdoor one:)

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