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Painting Birds on Muslin

Muslin bird 101 

The girls and have been play with how to express ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, our writting through different art mediums.

Musslin bird 404 

I have purchased several books and are thrilled with them. The first one is Nature Inspired, mixed-media techniques by Tracie Lyn Huskamp. I was drawn to this book because she combines using nature (which is all around us and is free!!) with creative techniques such as painting, photography, distressing and journal. But the one idea we were really drawn to is painting on fabric. I pulled out some leftover vintage dishtowel fabric, it is slightly heavy and I like that.

Using Tracie's technique we sketched an outline of a bird. Then filled in with paint, layer by layer, slowly adding more and more detail. It was soooo easy and fun to paint on the fabric.

Bird 203 

Chloe's page for her journal is a tribute and prayer for Japan. She has been learning the Japanese language, her page says Love and Hope

My page is a love letter to my hubby. Using the envelope Karla sent me, I put in a heart with our names on it, in the envelope. I stitched on a real branch from my woods.

I know one of the subjects I have blogged about that has gained a lot of interest is journaling. A Holy Experience has a wonderful post on the subject. I think Nature Inspired, will help you find new ways to journal. I see a lot of potential for lots of ideas. I think next will will try making one of Tracie's necklaces from a painted fabric bird. Thank you Tracie xoxox

Musslin bird 303 


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By the Bluegrass

I love painting on fabric! It looks so neat! Awesome journal too.


What a wonderful journal, experience, and pages! You know, I wonder how many younger girls would consider others like Chloe did...just beautiful


This is lovely! I am writing a post about bird/inspired projects made by other bloggers and would love to include this.


Hi Clarice! These are absolutely beautiful! I love birds so much, and this is such a great way to incorporate them into something meaningful and personal. I am going to have to look into that book!!! Thanks, dear friend - enjoy a beautiful weekend!!! Theresa

Cindy J

What a wonderful project to be doing with your daughters. Your bird pages are lovely.

Gumbo Lily

I love nature and so it finds lots of places in my home and journal. I like this idea of painting the birds onto fabric. It reminds me of something I just saw today at http://mayamade.blogspot.com/ She has her kids making "stuffies" from their drawings on fabric. Really nifty.

Thanks for sharing such good ideas with us.

karen andreola

Dear Clarice,
The painted birds are pleasing to the eye.
I notice that your the love letter to your hubby has old fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch elements. And I've spotted the deer folk art in 18th and 19th cen. cross stitch samplers. I appreciate your design here in Pennsylvania and have sought to use it in my own handiwork.
Karen A.


Dear Clarice,

What wonderful ideas! Nature is endlessly inspiring, isn't it? You just have to keep your eyes open. Your girls are surely following in their mother's footsteps; what a blessed thing.




I love these. Chloe was telling me about them. Mom

Linda Colantino

I love your adventures with paint ann paper. Just beautiful and so perfect for spring. The sun is shining here today. Thinking of you all.


Love this!


How lovely, Clarice! You do the most wonderful projects! How you inspire me!


Oh these are lovely and the book sounds wonderful to inspire you to do this art work. It's so rewarding learning a new skill like this isn't it.


So inspiring! I wish I had the talent to paint!

Account Deleted

I own this book, and it is one of my favorites. One of the best, I think, on this subject.

These pages are beautiful!


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

THANK YOU Clarice!!! I so appreciate you sharing your story... BIG HUGS!


These pages are beautiful! Love that Chloe used hers as a prayer sheet. That book by Traci Lynn is one of my top 5 craft books of all time. I just took it with me camping. I wish I could draw something other than a cartoon. I would love to do a bluebird or cardinal. Do you own the nature journal book by LK Ludwig? It is my other absolute fave! Lisa

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