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Make Your Own Loveseat Protector

Couch cover 10 

Well only I am crazy enough to buy a white (well cream) couch! Actually a white couch with a slipcover is brilliant, because you can bleach the slipcover. BUT my couch does not have a slipcover. So I always keep a pretty twin quilt draped over it. Of course though the minute you sit on it, it slides all over the place, ugg.

Couch cover 20 
I was looking through a catalogue and saw these furniture covers for your for pets. What I love about them is they covered the high traffic areas but you can still see the lines of the couch. However they are expensive and havebad reviews. So I came up with my own and it is sooo easy.

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Here is what I did.

1. I took a twin quilt and ran it length wise down the couch. This way you have a long piece hanging down the back, this keeps the cover from moving to much.

2. I measured across the seat, adding an inch on each side and cut up the quilt. So you will have one long piece for the couch and one long skinny piece leftover.

3. For the arms I measured how wide the arm is and the length from the seat, over the arm with some extra hanging over (to help keep the piece in place better).

4. I cut those two pieces from the leftover piece.

5. I figured out where the long piece and the arm pieces would attach and sew it together. You should probably finish off the raw edges with seam binding but I am lazy and did not ;-p If it starts to really fray I will add the binding then. I do not see why this would not work with a bigger couch/quilt. I will say it does not slip as much as just the quilt. I am thrilled a plan on making several to go with different seasons and feels!!!

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What an awesome idea....can't wait to do this

Jackie MacGregor

I have been looking for a pattern to make one for my wing chair to add colour and save the ape colour of the upholstery. I had it in my mind, but you made it clearer for me. Thank you for posting.

Linda Monroe

Hi! This is such a great idea, I love that you repurposed a quilt. Not to mention that it's so much "sturdier". I've heard those store bought pet covers are constantly slipping and sliding! I don't sew but I know someone who will help me. My question is, could this be modified for a rocker glider? Thanks much, I look forward to hearing back. Linda Monroe


Just what I need...great idea and process!

Christine Hinderberger

I just copied your idea and it looks great. The only thing I did differently, is to use short dowels along the sides of the arms to keep the quilt pushed in and a long one in the back. It keeps the quilt tucked in pretty neatly.
Thanks for the great idea for the quilt cover!


I am in need of just such a thing because my loveseat is very worn in the front (gasp and shock!) and I'd like to cover it. Thank you!


Hi Clarice! So funny I am making a couch seat cover very similar but from quilted fabric...great minds. Maybe I'll do the top and arms now that I see yours...that is if there is enough material. I have a bunny story here I'll share sometime. So funny how the same subject comes up to kindred spirits. xxoo Wilhelmina


That's an awesome idea, Clarice! And with our two pups - we could totally use one! Thank you!!! :) Theresa


WoW why didn't I think of that!?! I was actually almost about to buy one of those pet protector things for my sofa. This is a much much better - and prettier - idea. Thanks for sharing!!




That's a very clever idea, Clarice.

I have a sort of off white sofa in my family room, and a taupe one in the living room. The family room sofa has been with us all through the "growing up" years, so at times I sure could have used your solution.

This is a great solution. It turned out really cute. Love, Mom

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

Leave it to you Clarice to find such a cute...clever...workable...frugal solution! This post almost makes me regret those white quilts I just donated to the homeless shelter! ;) Brilliant!


Ha! Where were you when we had a dog, hmmmm???? That looks like a great idea -- and I love the fabric you've used!

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