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Baked Brown Rice (even my daughter will eat!)

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Well in my attempt to keep my family eating healthier and healthier I put a kibosh on white rice, which did not make one of my daughters happy. I have been playing and playing with how to make brown rice that is not a ton of work for me but is pleasing to my picky eater. I finally came up with this baked rice recipe. I like it because it is a throw it all in a pan, set in the oven and an hour later we have rice!! The child in question (we will not name names but you know who you are ;-) likes it. Does she love it? NO! Does she wish we ate white rice instead? YES! But this seems like a win/win situation. Between you and me, I think the more she eats it, the more she will get use to it, until it is all she knows. One big trick I found is cooking it in broth. Yes, water is cheaper but for now I am will to do broth if that helps her like brown rice more. I am slowly using less and less broth, but shh, do not tell her!!!

The other thing is it is important to use a large, wide pan because you want the rice spread out. The rice will not cook as well if it is deep in a small pan. Does that make sense? You can change things up with different spices or add some saute veggies at the end but this is the basic recipe. I hope it helps your family embrace brown rice.

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I wanted to share a picture of the amazing Tasha Tudor Valentines tea the girls and I were invited to. A small group of Tasha Tudor lovers from WA, MT and MA were lucky enough to be invited into Linda's charming home for the most perfect tea. Sadly none of my pictures turned out (I hate it when that happens). Linda put out an delicious spread of goodies, as you can see. What I loved about Linda home (besides all the amazing antiques) is she has taken a small extra bedroom and turned it into a tea room. Isn't that a perfect thing to do with an extra bedroom. I could have just moved in. Thank you Linda, you are the most gracious hostess xoxo


Baked Brown Rice

Pre-heat oven 400°F (If your oven runs hot you might want to turn your temp down to 375°F)

In a large pan with a heavy lid (or cover tight w/ foil) mix the follow ingredients. 

1 1/2 cups of brown rice

2 1/2 cups of broth

2 tsp. salt

2 tsp. granulated garlic

1/8 cup of dried currents (you could also golden raisins or cherries)

pepper to taste


Mix and spread out rice. Then set bits of butter dotting the top of the rice, about 2 TBL. worth. Cover with a tight cover and bake one hour. Pull out, let sit 5 minutes, then fluff with a fork.



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Green Darner

I too struggled with brown rice until I learned about soaking it the night before (like you would dry beans) with a tablespoon of active yogurt added to the water. The next day rinse (not really necessary if you don't want to) and cook as you would white rice. It surprized me the first time I tried this how light and fluffy it was...not gummy yuck that I had always made before with brown rice.


It was the part about "even my daughter will eat" that got me hooked! I'm totally going to try this, I've been wondering how to move my family in this direction in a way that they still love my cooking!
Love Tasha Tudor, too! Karen

Gumbo Lily

I struggle with brown rice too. I don't hate it but it's not my most favorite food. I often mix brown rice with white (half & half). I use regular white rice and part instant brown rice and cook it 20 minutes (as for the white). It turns out well and my family eats it right up. I especially like rice with hot milk, cinnamon & sugar!



Perfect Post Clarice! Smart Mother you are! That recipe sounds grand! We have only eaten brown rice so are quite used to it.
I adore that sitting room at Linda's home and think I will move right in there with you and sip tea all day:)

Porch Days

My family rejected brown rice. With this recipe I will try again. I throw a bouillion cube in when I cook white rice and cut back on the salt. It adds flavor but not calories. Maybe you can do that for your daughter.


Thanks for the baked version of brown rice sounds good. Love the idea of a room devoted to tea. Also glad to hear you are safe.


Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I truly need to incorporate more brown rice into our diet, as well. Sometimes brown rice takes too long to cook! I'm happy your daughter is liking (if not loving) it. :) And what lovely photos here - your daughters looks so demure at tea! xoxo Theresa

The Pleasures of Homemaking

We love brown rice as we find that it has a much better flavor than white. I always use chicken broth instead of water. I'll try your baked rice recipe!

I think using an extra bedroom as a tea room is a lovely idea. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.


Gill in Norway

I love cooking barley in chicken stock in the oven. I stir in some mushrooms for the last part ot the baking too.

I have been watching the horrific news about the Japanese earthquake and the subsequent tsunami and praying for you and your families safety this sad day. I see now that Oregon has had a "small" wave, but not too worrying, and you are further north.

Gill xxx


I like both brown and white rice, but I admit that I'm with your daughter who prefers white. I think of Japan and the rice they eat there. It is white rice, isn't it, for the most part? The diet there is considered very healthy, and consists more of vegetables, and less fat in general. Not so much sugar, which is my downfall. I know rice is a carb, and thus a sugar too, but I don't eat it everyday. I think all things in moderation works best for me.

I appreciate the recipe Clarice. Thank you!


I loved seeing the pictures of the Tasha Tudor tea! The photo of the girls is especially lovely!

We use brown rice in our family too. Part of the success for me is using basmati brown rice. It is "fermented" or "aged" which enhances the flavor. Because it is long-grained, it remains fluffy and non-gummy. But you probably already know that! I use 2 cups water and a dash of salt, brought to a boil, then add 1 cup of rice, stir quickly, and put a cover on the kettle. Turn stovetop element to the lowest setting and allow to cook (without peeking) for 20 - 30 minutes. SO good!


The tea looks so sweet, love that room the girls are in. Your girls are the sweetest young ladies.
What about giving up rice altogether? Last year we went 'Primal' in which you give up grains entirely along with corn and potatoes which all turn to sugar in your blood. It's a wonderful satisfying way to eat with all kinds of meats, fats, vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs, and nuts. Very healthy but there is one big side effect from this which is weight loss, you'll have to work to keep hold your weight.


Oh yum! I love brown rice. My most favorite way is adding raisins and walnuts as you cook it. I saute the dry rice in frying pan (with a lid)the Indian way, can add spices here cinnamon sticks, cloves etc. and then add the rice, water and pop the lid on. I'm trying to remember I add the walnuts and raisins part way through I think. Brown rice has a nutty flavor already so the nuts and raisins work really well (like you did the currents)...now I'm craving some myself. Oh and then there are all those wonderful biriani dishes and some rice dishes with fruit cocktail added... I'm going to try yours too. I'm hungry!!!!


I am serving more brown rice too, and am getting used to it. I make a big batch and then freeze it for other meals. I make fried rice with it sometimes too...pretty good!

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