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Inexpensive Medallion Kitchen Backsplash

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I am a firmer believer in dreaming about what you want, regardless if you can afford. Because if you cannot dream it, you will definitely never have it!

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Having said that, one needs to hold their dreams lightly, be real and think out of the box. My dreams for my kitchen is about $50,000.00 worth. That is NOT going to happen, unless the kitchen fairy blesses me.

So I have this running tab of dreams in my head for my kitchen:  bull-nose marble counters, professional stove, antique farm sink, old tin panels for the ceiling and back splash, etc ...

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Well one day this last fall while having a rare treat of shopping in Snohomish, I saw these large heavy-paper place-mats. There is a whole collection of these (the paper cheese serving mats are cool!) but I was drawn to the rosettes because they look like those tin ceiling medallions. Plus they were totally in my price range 50 of them for $19.95!! 50 is a lot, so much so, these are temporary. I wanted th make sure I loved them and I taped them up with double-sided duck tape (this stuff is super sticky). I still adore them so we will wallpaper the extras one and coat them with something (I have not done that research yet) to protect them.

I was thrilled to see Ruth (love you Ruth xoxo) sells them in her shop. Check out all the different shapes and patterns and let your imagination flow!!!


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Good day Dorothy,
this is post from almost 6 years ago. I am not sure you can get the paper anymore. It is by Cake paper. Sorry. Thank you for stopping by. Clarice

Dorothy Edwards

Can you please send me the link as to where I can get the place-mats
as I cannot find them.



toni ziemniak

lovely and I would love to use your idea. I have tried to find them om ruths shop site, either sold out or i am missing them. have looked at 100's on line and no luck. could you let me know wher i could order them? pretty please.
xxx Toni Z.


This are AMAZING! Thanks for sending me the link. I just ordered some for myself. I love the place setting one, but thought I might get bored with it. I'll show you later what I got. You are the queen of making 'it' work for less money. Lisa


Oooooooo, I love that!! How smart! I might have to steal that idea, and of course will remember you when I do! So much to do, so little time, and so much a need for frugal creativity! LOL.


What a great idea! I used to make plaques to sell on eBay with paper, and I used non-yellowing latex polyurethane to seal them. I think that might work for you...they are very durable. I also gave them a coat of distressing glaze before the poly step. Hope this helps!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Hi Clarice!

Just popped in to see what's new. This is so cute!! I love it - it really looks fab-u-lous and you can't beat the price! Great idea!



Katie at Eye Spy DIY

Looks great!


very pretty! you are always full of such great ideas :) I love pattern, especially in the kitchen!~


You are creative...my, oh my! I just love it! what a terrific idea! My hubby does kitchen just like the one you described...he might have to come your way to do your dream kitchen one day:)
Drooling here,


Hi Clarice! I LOVE your new backsplash! So gorgeous. We've been looking into some - but I really like what you've done here. :) Elegant and so functional! Thanks for the link!!!! I just may be checking that out. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo Theresa


It reminds me of what Kitty Bartholomew used to say on her old show, "It's not what you don't have, it is what you do with what you do have"!



I love the way you think outside the boX! ;-)


ahhh Snohomish. I lived there in town for three years off Cedar Ave. A quaint culdasac...I lived in two of the houses there next to one another...One built in 1898 and the other 1905. We loved it there, I also sold my goods and was a featured rtist in the country store 'The Speckled Hen" next to the pie shop.... I miss it there. looks like you found the coolest things for your backsplash. It's great! I think!!! It's okay to dream..Heck I still dream and I don't even own a home anymore..Dreaming never hurts...Hugs,Mica


Very pretty and so effective! At first I thought the medallions were crocheted hot pads (the kind stretched on a hoop or stitched and slipped over a thick cardboard circle). I think they would work well too, don't you?

Your kitchen is charming! I love it!



Wow Clarice -- you're so clever. I would never have thought to do something like that!


Dreams do come true! Your are a reminder of that. Wonderful post!


That looks gorgeous! I'm a firm believer that doing things the thrifty way is better anyways. Another good thing is you can change it anytime!

Gumbo Lily

Pretty, pretty, pretty. You have such a "good eye" for all things lovely.



Dear Clarice,

I love them! You are so clever (but then, you already knew that :) )~ I just love your mind and how it works.



p.s. Someday your kitchen will get where you want it!

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