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Easy (no egg, no sugar) sour cream ice cream with chocolate bits

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I am sure some of you cannot think about ice cream in the middle of winter (especially with the winter some of you are having!) but we never get sick of it. Ice cream though can be fussy. You have to cook the eggs, cool it , wait, etc. I like to just be able to whisk it all together, throw it in the machine and 1/2 hour later have ice cream! Easy, peasy. I espcially love to use sour cream (you can also use cream fraiche or yoguart instead) becuse of the tang it adds. It balances the sweetness for me.

Thanks to Angie (who I am always copying) I learned  a cool way to add bits of chocolate to the ice cream, that is solid but still quickly melts in your mouth. Near the end of making the ice cream, you melt some chocolate with a little cream or coconut oil (which I prefer) then slowly drizzle the chocolate in the ice cream as it is going around in the machine. As the chocolate hits the cold ice cream it hardens. If you get big glob of chocolate, it breaks up with a spoon, when you transfer it to the container. It does soften the ice cream up a bit but I run it a few more minutes and then quickly transfer the ice cream to a container and set in the freezer. I think some instant espresso powder or at the end crumbled short bread mixed in would be heavenly!!


Easy (no egg, no sugar, although you can use sugar) sour cream ice cream with chocolate bits

1 cup sour cream

1 cup  heavy cream

1 cup half and half

½ cup sweetener (I used three drops of stevia and 1/3 of cup xylitol run through a food processor to make it powdered so it mixes in fast. You can do the same thing with sugar)

Pinch of salt

1 tsp of alcohol, this is to keep the ice cream soft. I use coffee flavored but brandy is great. You can barely taste it or leave it out. Your ice cream will be harder though.


Whisk all together and pour in ice cream machine, run ½ hour and transfer to a container and put in freezer.


To make bits,

after 20 minutes of the ice cream mixing in the machine, melt ½ cup of chocolate chips with 1 tsp of cream or coconut oil (I like the texture of the coconut oil better). The slowly drip melted chocolate with a spoon into ice cream as it goes around. Let it finishes running the 10 minutes and then freeze.



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Porch Days

What a unique recipe. I had never heard of xylitol. It sounds too good to be true. I see you can buy it on Amazon. I'll check our local food co-op. Thanks.

Children of Eve

Wonderful! I WILL be trying this one out on my diabetic Hub.

Junie Moon

I've not heard of sour cream ice cream before, what a unique idea!

Tina Kay

This sounds very good.


Oooh Yum Clarice -- that sounds wonderful!


Sounds great, Clarice! Thanks for posting the recipe. :) xoxo Theresa


Yummers... I love ice cream in the winter -- more than in the summer... go figure...


Sounds good Clarice.
You're whipping out some great recipes.


Well, I'm thinking this sounds pretty good, but I'd want it a little bit sweet, I think.

I could eat ice cream almost everyday, I love it so, but unfortunately, it has to be a real treat.

You know what tastes I would love to capture in ice cream? Maybe you could figure it out sometime, Clarice. Have you ever dipped strawberries in sour cream, and rolled them in brown sugar? Wouldn't that make a lovely ice cream?

Thank you for the recipe!

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