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Buy Wren Bay In Delaware!!

Wren dishses 

For any of you who live near Clarksville, Delaware you can now purchase Wren Bay at the Hudson General store. I have to say Hudson General looks like the most charming store, brimming with goodies. I am sad I live on the other side of the states (I think I need a road trip!!). It is pretty thrilling to see Wren selling in a store. Thank you Melody and Kim for your love and support of Wren. Hudson General also sells Thistle Dew scherenscnitte. Just beautiful work!! If you are near Clarksville check out Hudson's and Wren Bay.

By the way the image above is how I imagine Wren doing the dishes. Don't you agree!!!


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sweet cottage dreams

Congrats Clarice!!!!!!!

LOVE those dishes, too!!
A road trip would be F-U-N!!!!


Gumbo Lily

How cool is that? Congrats on Hudson's General carrying your book. Wouldn't be nice if we all could look that cute doing dishes?



Fun way to to dishes, all right. And who would mind washing up such pretty things?

Congrats on Wren Bay in Delaware!


How eXciting! It looks like a lovely shop. What fun it would be to visit the east coast and see Wren and Thistledew goods on display. Someday...


Congratulations! I hope the book does well in the shop! Those dishes are fabulous - how lovely to daydream at the large picture window. :) Theresa xoxo


that's way cool Clarice and yes that would Wren huh? Still slowly getting through my book...and as soon as I am done I will write up a review...Hugs,Mica


Well, this is perfect timing, as I'm going to be heading to Maryland in May to visit my friend Beth. Maybe we'll be able to visit this store.

Oh, I know. Thistle Dew has the prettiest paper cuttings, and I love the frames that they use.

Kim at Hudson's

Hi Clarice!
Thanks for sharing Wren with us! It's a perfect fit! And I LOVE those dishes in the picture!

Kim :-)


Congratulations! She is a very pretty gal! I wished I looked that good doing dishes! LOL

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