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Easy (no egg, no sugar) sour cream ice cream with chocolate bits

Things I Love


My Cozey Corner, my daughter Chloe has started a blog!!

Faux Gilded Votive

Natural Moisturizers for Winter

Guzaarish, I just watched the movie Guzaarish on instant watch Netflix and was memorized by this movie. It is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It does deal with the very controversial subject of euthanasia, but I think they handled it well. Plus it is a subject that needs to have dialog no matter what you feel. Even though this is a sad subject, this movie is still a joyful one, finding blessing among hardship. I highly recommend it!!

Nutella Cinnamon Rolls w/ Cherry Glaze

Catch & Release scarf

Shoe Sugar Month, fun ideas to decorate your shoes

Home Comforts, did you know you can read this book on-line?




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Sally Bennett

The snack bags are really easy and cute. However, washing them in a washing machine might be a source of bacterial contamination if you plan to reuse them for food. Perhaps it would be better to wash them by hand in the kitchen sink and air day.

Gumbo Lily

What fun links! The votive candles are neat and love that catch & release scarf.
Thank you for the linky-love to my moisturizers. How was your trip?



Hi Clarice, welcome back. What beautiful things you've mentioned here. That Catch and Release Scarf is SO lovely. I REALLY wish I knew how to sew! Congrats to Chloe on her blog - that's terrific news. And a big hurray for natural moisturizers and nutella (oh, how I LOVE nutella). Have a wonderful day! xoxo Theresa


Hi Clarice,
I just did a post about your sweet book. I've just started reading it! Thanks again.


What a great list of links -- that should keep us busy for awhile!


Clarice, I have just ordered a copy of your new book and cannot wait to receive it. I'm so excited and thrilled that you have published your own book:) Linda, Gold Coast, Australia


Good to have you back!
Lots of good stuff there.
My many projects and the SNOW is keeping me inside and busy.

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