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Come Win A Signed Copy of Wren Bay


Good day readers,

my dear friend Manuela is having a give-away on her blog for a signed copy of Wren Bay. I am sooo excited to have my first give-away on someone else's blog. Please join in (even if you have a copy, you can give one to a friend). The give-away ends Friday night and is open to both US and abroad.

I want to thank Manuela for taking the time and a blog post to post about Wren. My blog has brought me sooo many blessing, the biggest is dear friends. Thank you Manuela, you and I go wayyyyyy back and you are my blessing today xoxox

ps. the image above is Sophia's brownstone!!


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Jerry Vreeland

Hi Clarice, I just love to browse your lovely blog. I would truly be thrilled to win a signed copy of your book. I am 72 years old and this is such wonderful entertainment, even at my age. Isn't life
wonderful. God is so good. Jerry Vreeland,
the spelling of my name is misleading, I am
a lady !!

Carissa Stella's Apron Strings

Hi Clarice,

I haven't been by in a while, so I thought I would come check on you. :-) So glad I did!!! I just made it time to enter into your friends give-a-way of Wren bay. I'm so excited!!! I hope I win, I can hardly wait for my Mom to finish your book so that I can read, and it would be quite lovely to have my own signed copy! Your home is just dreamy! I love the picture of it in the snow.

Have a wonderful day!

Always a pleasure,


Oh how lovely, Clarice! Congratulations! I'll pop on over to pay a visit. :) Theresa


Heading over there now! I have my own signed copy of Wren, but what fun to have another to give as a gift to another friend!
Thanks, Clarice and Manuela!


I headed over to leave my comment. How very kind of both of you!
I adore that image of Sophia's brownstone! Great place with wisteria in abundance:)

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