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Vintage Apple Books

Apple family2

I have a whole library full of vintage books and realize I do not share enough of them with you. Here is some apple books I love.

Mr. Apple's Family by Jean McDevitt (above). I have to say out of all the books here this is my favorite and not just because of the utterly charming illustrations. It is about Mr. and Mrs. Apple,  their children MacIntosh, Johnathan, Delicious, Snow Apple and baby Ann Apple and their move from the city to their little apple farm. A very charming read.

Apple pie inn2

Look at the beautiful cover on Apple Pie Inn by Mary Dickerson Donahey. The cover is the whole reason my mother bought me the book. But it is a sweet story about the Stephan family and in troubled times turning their home into Apple Pie Inn. There is a mystery as to the two men who rent rooms Apple Pie Inn.

Little apple tree2 

The Little Apple Tree by Dolli Tingle is a small, simple story about seasons. My girls loved this book when they were  a toddler.

Cider w rosie2

Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee. The novel is an account of Lee's childhood in the village of Slad, Gloucestershire, England, in the period soon after the WW1. It chronicles his traditional village life. The identity of Rosie was revealed years later to be Lee's distant cousin Rosalind Buckland. I found this interesting article about Rosie.

Do you have any favorite apple books?


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Lucille Miles

Mr. Apple's Family!!! Oh My! I've been telling people about this book for a long time! I remember reading and loving it as a child!


how sweet! love the books looks..especially the red one...hugs, Mica


I love vintage books...especially vintage children's books. Thank you for sharing yours.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Mmmmm...I had to get up to look. I thought I had the Magic Apple Tree by S. Hill but I have Through the Kitchen Window. I have a lot of how to grow apple trees books. Do they count LOL!

I do love old books - the covers are usually so charming and so are the inside illustrations. I love that you have a collection of "apple books"!



I was wondering if anyone else had "apple- books", as I couldn't think of any! Eventually I came up with Kate Greenaway's A is Apple pie - and Beatrix Potter's Appley Dapply Nursery rhymes but that was stretching it a bit :) We do have a lovely Norwegian childrens book called Pomonas Eplebok by Gorel Naslund and Gunnilla Hansson (1986). It deals with apple legends, myths and stories; crafts,games and recipes as well as how to cultivate and care for appletrees! It is delightful if you read Norwegian! Love, Gill xxx


Hi Clarice,
Love this post as I also love vintage books. MY favourite happens to be the same one Lena mentioned:
"The Magic Apple Tree" by Susan Hill, which I recently posted on my blog.
It is a great seasonal book!
Thanks for sharing some wonderful vintage books!


How CUTE these books are! Vintage children's books are always so lovely. These illustrations are wonderful. The only "vintage" books I have are some Nancy Drew books! I adore Nancy Drew. Unfortunately, I think my mom lost some of the books - but I managed to bring home as many as I could locate. Some things are just timeless. : xoxo Theresa

Linda Colantino

I just love old books. You have a wonderful collection.Thanks for sharing.
Love ya, Linda


Oooh, those are beautiful Clarice. How cool to organize your books by theme too -- apples being just perfect for this time of year!

Gumbo Lily

Beautiful old books, and the stories sound fun too. I love old books.



I love vintage books!!!


I love vintage books, but I don't own many. Yours are charming. One of my favorite books is "The Magic Apple Tree" by Susan Hill.

Janet McDonald

What treasures! Those are very expensive old books! Even if found the one Apple Pie Inn is worth over $200. What a Blessing to have those old wonderful books. I would love to have them too! Where did you find them? I have some old ones too and really treasure them wouldnt trade them for the world..ox


Children's books used to be much more wonderful than today, don't you think??


I love Cider with Rosie, although it isn't for the prudish. Every sentence in Laurie Lee's book is pure poetry. Don't you wish we all spoke like that?


Hi Clarice!

What fun books, I love old books! I have to tell you, I love YOUR book!! I have been reading it, and it is so good, it's hard to put down, I will finish it today! The recipes look scrumptious, I can hardly wait to try some of them. When does book two come out??? I just have to tell you that Wren Bay, was just what I needed to get rid of some rainy-day blues!



These books look wonderful Clarice! Thanks for posting them!


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