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Russian Mixer Cover and my Grandparents

Russian cover 111 

I do not know if you remember my old mixer cover made from a pillow case? I love it but it does not go with my pantry now. I wanted something old-world feeling. Two years ago I embroidered this charming doll and have been looks for the right fabric since. I finally found it. It is black with bits of red and gold like I wanted. It feels very Russian to me. My father's mother Claire (who I am named after) was born in Russia. My Grandfather Isador was born in Poland and went to Germany at age 10 to apprentice as a baker. He met my Grandmother there and they married, moved to England and eventually came to San Francisco, where I was born.

Russian fabric22 

I have never met my grandparents. My Grandmother Claire had a stroke and died when my father was 16 and my Grandfather died 6 months later of a broken heart. But I have felt a very strong connection to this side of my family since I was a young child. I decided at about age 10, whoever I married should take my name with their as a remembrance to all my family who died in the Holocaust (only 2 people made it out of Germany). This is why my husband also goes by Fox-Hughes. He generously took my families name Fox as his own, love that man.

Russian cover 44 

I only have two pictures of my Grandmother Claire, a set of silver candlesticks (my most prized possession) and a beautiful, huge, carved round mirror. There is almost no family left, only a handful of story to hold onto. I always thought I could have been born only two generation earlier and been lost in the Holocaust. It struck me as a child how blessed I was. As I said I have a very strong connection to my Grandmother. I like to imagine cook with her and my grandfather teaching me how to make rye bread. So it seemed fitting to using something Russian feeling in my baking pantry. I embroidered пирог because means cake in Russian. In the picture you see a pin but I will put  a snap there. The cover is a long straight piece and I just folded in the sides. 

I hope you preparing for the holidays but not feeling overwhelmed. Remember A. do as much ahead of time as you can (fill up your freezer) and B. it is suppose to be fun xoxoxo

Russian cover 33 


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This is really beautiful!
I may have to learn to embroider myself!
For Joy!
Smiles, Cyndi

Mary Thresher

This is very sweet! Thanks for sharing the history behind it. Funny thing-I just picked up some cute transfers with a chocolate theme this weekend visiting Angela. Saw some samples that made my fingers itch to do some new dishtowels. Must be that time of year to start some new hibernating type projects. Yeah! Love you!

Tina Kay

I sure like it! I think I may put one on mine. Thanks for sharing.
Tina Kay

Gumbo Lily


What a wonderful story of your family, then and now. I like the embroidery and the fabric you chose to trim it with. What a good symbol to have in the kitchen.



Dear Clarice,

What a sweet story, and beautiful cover! Thank you for the reminder that holidays should be fun, as well :). Sometimes we forget!




This is just gorgeous...I love it!
Margaret B


Beautiful tribute. Your love for your grandmother and grandfather shows in your writing and in the handiwork of your mixer cover.


Love this, Clarice. The fabric is perfect and the embroidery is darling. It will look perfect in your pantry.

I often wish I could go back in time and be a fly on the wall at the home of those who came before me to see who they really were and what thier lives were like.

Thanks for sharing-


Brenda Kula

Our roots...shadow us all of our livelong days. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

It's lovely that you feel such a connection. The fabric is just perfect to convey the feeling that you were after and I love the embroidery!



Very good holiday tips indeed! Loved hearing your family story....


It turned out really great.

Linda Colantino

I'm proud of you Clarice...sewing is fun! Great project. I miss you.


That was such a special, heart-warming story...tugs at the heartstrings!
Thank you for sharing that!
Lovely cover and yes, old world style!
Great post!


This is such a beautiful way to pay homage to your roots. You did a fabulous job, as always, Clarice. And thank you for sharing the story behind the cover. You are right - holiday preparations SHOULD be fun. :) So far, they have been. :) xoxo Theresa


You have a wonderful husband too.
совершенно, perfect in Russian


More than perfect.



This is so beautiful Clarice! The embroidery and fabric are perfect, and I love how it creates a family connection for you. I have always had a fascination with Russia since I was a teenager, just the whole rich culture and the arts and the old world style. This cover captures that perfectly!
How amazing and wonderful that they escaped the holocaust and were able to make a new life for themselves here. I know they appreciate your remembrances!


Oh, Clarice! What a wonderful story about your family. And how special that you were named for your grandmother.(Proverbs 22:1 " A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.")
Love the mixer cover ~ the colors of the fabric you have chosen is perfect. Looks just like Mytroyshka! (sp?) I like the idea of a pin on the side ~ perhaps you could find a Russian style hat pin or something like that to pin it. Beautiful job!


I love your story! (I tell you, you have a gift!)

When I was a teenager, my family was friends with a couple survived the Holocast -- Mona and Adolph Richmond. They had tattoos on their forearms and hid them when they went out. I loved them dearly and still grieve their passing.

I am glad you hold onto those connections to the past. WE all need to never forget!




must make one of these:)
My Paternal grandfather also was named Isadore. Rare name:)


I love it Clarice. It looks beautiful with the fabric you has a very old world feel to it for sure. You got me all choked up when reading about your grandparents... How sad that your grandpa died of a broken heart. I have heard many people go that way...One day maybe you will meet them in Heaven. The embroidery on the case is so sweet.... I have a thing for dolly poppets like that...Hugs to you have a great remainder of the week..Hugs, Mica


I love this story. Connections to the past are important for us to remember today. An especially fitting post for Remembrance Day (as we call it here in Canada.)

And the mixer cover is beautiful.


I love the embroidered mixer cover --- and loved the story even more! Remembering our heritage is so important!


Thank you for sharing this story with us. I adore your mixer cover...I need to make one for my mixer! :)


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