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Woohoo, this day is finally here.Thank goodness, akk!! Oh the book signing was amazing and I promise to share pictures, my spiced punch recipe and much more, when my brain is not mush. I was humbled beyond words by the love and support I and Wren received.

I want to share with you an image of what I think Wren looks like. As I wrote Wren Bay, this is who I saw in my mind, I am still tyring to pin down Devlin. I also had several songs I would listen to when I wrote. This is Wren and Devlin's song, You Picked Me by A Fine Frenzy. I have more songs and pictures I will share down the road. I think it makes the story more fun and helps create a little world. Which is what I want for you when you read Wren, a little mini-vacation.


I feel bad I can not sign books, so I came up with the idea I could make bookplate, sign them and send them to you. If you would like a bookplate, send me a self-addressed envelope to

Storybook Woods

P O Box 288

Keyport, WA


Just tell me who you want me to sign the book to. I would be thrilled to send you one. If I could include a slice of Wren's wedding cake too, I would  ;-)

Here is some reviews that already have been written. Thank you so much for them and for all your support. Everyone of you have been so kind to me xoxo


Homespun Living

Sis Boom

Tarnished and Tattered

Lazy Bee Farm

Lavender and Pearls

PS, I have a feeling someone has written a review and I am missing it. If it is you, please let me know!!




imige by Amanda Pratt


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Penney Douglas

I love the pictures and videos that you've added to go along with the story. It does help create a little world. It enhances even the writing of the story. I really enjoyed the first chapter. And the videos of their songs (Wren and Devlin's) just makes the characters seem more real and adds to the romantic feel of the story.

Nice touch!

I admire your gift of making things beautiful!

Jennifer B

I was finally able to read Wren Bay when I visited my parents this last weekend! It's a beautiful and sweet story!


Congratulations! I hope you are very successful with your book. Sounds like a great one.

The idea of Book Plates is actually very smart, in my humble opinion.

~ Yaya

Lavender Dreams

I have tried to post a few times today...with no luck! I am so proud of you and would love to have one of your cookbooks! Happy Fall! ♥

Colleen M.

Congrats, Clarice! I look forward to reading the book someday! You look beauteous in your book-signing photos!

Lavender Dreams

I'm not sure my comment came up! If it did, you can just delete this one! LOL ! I am VERY proud of you and would be so happy to win your book! What a treasure! Thanks! ♥

Lavender Dreams

How exciting! I am SO happy for you and one of us will be in for a treat! Thank you so much for the chance to win one! ♥


how exciting, fingers crossed for a copy xx


How exciting! I would love to win a copy. It looks delightful!

Jan Richardson

Oh, please add my name to the list!! How I hope it comes out the winner!!
Thanks, Jan


Don't you dare pick LaVonne, you pick me...LOL!!!! Congrats!


A drawing is always so much fun!
Thanks for entering me Clarice.

Pearl Maple

So exciting to see the launch

terri aka pennyannpoundwise

Whoever wins is surely in for a treat...and how I hope it's my name that comes out of the hat!


Ooooh, pick me! Pick ME! :)

I love a good story and homemaking inspiration to boot! I know yours will be fabulous, Clarice. :)

Vera Vickrey

Love your blog - excited about your book - hope I'm lucky and win a copy ! Best Wishes, Vera

Martha Danforth

I am so happy for you, and glad that the book signing went so well. I wish you the best in future endeavors. Haven't read the book so don't know if a sequel might be in the works, but the movie idea sounds good! :-)



I would love a chance to win! If I get picked just leave a comment on my blog and I'll send you my contact info! :D


Oh Yes I wish to enter !
Roxie in Canada now I want to go and watch that video I've not heard of this group ☺
Thanks so very much !

Deborah Ferguson

I don't have a blog, but I want to be entered in the drawing. I love your blog and the book sounds delightful!


I would love a copy!! A quick question when you have a moment to spare, I was wondering if you would be releasing the book on lulu as an ebook? for those of us who read on an e-reader? It looks so lovely.
best regards,


The book sounds neat, I would love to give it a read :)


Congratulations Clarice -- I can't wait to see pictures!


Congratulations Clarice -- I can't wait to see pictures!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

I am sooo behind on my posting but your book review will be soon my friend! We've been taking care of some important family business which has been keeping me uber busy. In the meantime I'm thinking of you and Wren. :)
Love and hugs,
P.S. So happy to hear your signing was so much fun! I'll be sending away for one of the book plates soon!!!


I'd love a copy! :)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Love that song Clarice! Oh how I wish I could have been there at your book signing! I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful experience and I can't wait to see the photos from it!


Sally Hackney

Congrats! I'd love to read your book, count me in!! Sally sjhackney(at)yahoo(dot)com


Congrats on the book!



Oh, how wonderful!!!! I see you are already "plotting" the Wren and Devlin movie! Hurray! It's good to think visually. :) I'd love to get a bookplate - so I will send an envelope to you very soon. :) I can't wait to see photos from the signing. And thanks for posting links for reviews - they are always fun to read! I'm SO psyched for you, Clarice! xoxo Theresa

Gumbo Lily

Please add my name to the hat! I'd love to win a copy to give as a gift.
I'm so happy to hear that your book signing went perfectly.

God bless your work,

Megan Chamberlain

I would love to win a copy of your wonderful book. Congratulations on the book signing, it sounds as if it went very well.


I would love a book!

Jennifer L.

Congratulations!! I would love to win a copy of your book.


I am so proud of you!
You have overcome challenges to become an author! May you be blessed in this new endeavor!


I cannot wait to hear all about your coming out for Wren! I love her so! And hugs to you!

I am going to mail my copy this week; I wanted to wait until you had time to catch your breath before I dumped more work on you!





Congratulations! You must be over the moon!

Dianntha Lessig

Yes, I am entering too!!!Blessings to you.

Megan Chamberlain

I would love to win a copy of your wonderful book. Congratulations on the book signing, it sounds as if it went very well.

Megan Chamberlain

I would love to win a copy of your wonderful book. Congratulations on the book signing, it sounds as if it went very well.



Count me in for a chance to win a copy of your new book!
Thank you


I'd be thrilled to win! :)

Becky Lane

I would love to be included in your drawing. Thanks!

Janice Rehmeyer


Almost finished reading your book. Just love it. Wren's picture does her justice. She has so much class, but at the same time is willing to learn and give herself to others. So glad i bought your book. Now we must contact Good Morning T.V. program and have them want you to appear on there show to promote your book to the world. Wow!!! you would sell millions.

Glad you had a great weekend.


It was such a joy meeting you at your lovely Book signing party! I am so excited for you in this venture! And you are such a sweetie! I hope your book is a continued great success! I am thoroughly enjoying my reading of Wren and am planning on making some of these delightful recipes soon! Such a clever idea to add Wren's/your recipes to the novel! Makes for such a unique read!

Though I have purchased your beautiful book, I would love to be entered to try to win one for my daughter, whom I know would thoroughly enjoy it as well!

Hope to visit with you in person again, soon!


How exciting Clarice!!!!
A book signing, you have to be giddy with emotions of joy!


I would love to win Wren Bay! Please enter me in the drawing.


Oh, Clarice...I am so sad that I missed going to your book signing party! Life has been a bit crazy & stressful around here lately, I hope you understand. I would still love to meet you in person some day! :)
Congratulations on your book...you have done a wonderful job my friend!


wayside wanderer

Congratulations Clarice!


Bay Farm sounds like a magical place to visit and I can't wait to read more about Wren (what a beautiful name!) I would love to win a copy of your book!

Mary Thresher

What a great idea to include this image of Wren and the music. Thanks so much. I'm ready for my "mini-vacation" to begin and it's only 10:30 Monday morning!

Love you lot,
Mary T.


Wow Clarice, that's so exciting to read about your book. You are amazing!:) I love the way Wren looks in your eyes. She's beautiful!

Winning a copy of Wren would be great!
Much love and success to you!



How fun, Clarice!

I'm so glad that you're having such success~ Look out, New York Times Bestsellers List! :)




Congratulations, Clarice. I am so glad you had such a happy time at the book signing. Your 'picture' of Wren is very similar to the one I created when I read your book, except yours is a tad bit more colorful. I enjoyed the song --- very pretty! Enjoy a great day! Bask in the memory of a great time!


How fun it would be to win a copy of Wren Bay


Oh, oh, pick me!

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