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Hi. I wanted to share about Wren Bay's book signing party and her on-line coming out party.

 First for anyone in the Seattle area (although I have a few people from OR and eastern WA coming) I am having a book signing/tea party October 16th on Bainbridge Island. Here is a link to a map. You can always email me for more info. There will be yummy treats from the book, candy-cane soaked chocolate cakes, earl gray cookies and Wren's wedding cake, a browned butter almond cake. All are welcome.

Also on October 18th is Wren's on-line coming out party. There will be a book give-away and information on getting a signed bookplate. For those who post about the give-away or write a review of Wren, I will enter your name twice. Just let me know. Thank you again for all your support xoxo


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Maryann Hughes

FINALLY had a chance to browse your website... Keep enjoying all your hard work! I'm so proud of ya Sis......Lets have a bottle of wine again soon!!!xoxoxo

Ps.... where can I order Wren Bay again?

Sharon Larkin

I'll be thinking of you at your book-signing party ~ have a wonderful time, sweetie!

I've written a little review over at my blog, as promised :-)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I wish I lived close enough to attend! That would be such a blast. I'll try to remember to post on the 18th! I never was able to get either of those attachements to open and I tried different browsers!



Oh how fabulous! I sadly won't be able to attend your "live" book party, but I'll come for your online fiesta! The delicacies you are whipping up for that sound oh so delicious!!! This is SO amazing, Clarice!!! I'm very excited for you. Theresa

Gumbo Lily

Wishing I could come to your book signing party, but I'm a long, long way from you. I did get my book in the mail and am anxiously looking for some time to get absorbed in it.



Oooh, how fun Clarice! Can't wait to hear the full report!


This is so exciting! Since I have learned to fly without crying, I wish I could come! Maybe we could post pictures on facebook??

congratulations, gal!

Hugs... M

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