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Party and Spiced Punch and a Winner, Oh No!


It was a wonderful


book singing party full of 






Seabold Hall


Me signing books


Wren Bay


Me signing


Fresh bay leaves for cooking for guest to take home


More signing

Wren doll 







And signing!!!

Sorry for all the pictures of me but I did not think any if my friends would want their picture on my blog. I want to thank Mary, Linda and DiXymiss for the amazing photos they took for me!! And so many friends how helped me set up and take down. And just the general love and support for Wren Bay. It helps me to hear specifically what you love about Wren and if I write more, what character you want to know more about. The party was quite surreal and overwhelming for me but such a blessing. Thank you all who came, some even from another state, it means more than I can express. I hope you got enough to eat  ;-)

Besides yummy cakes and tea, I created a wonderful punch. I wanted some kind of a spiced cider but cold. I came up with the idea of making a ginger/vanilla syrup and adding the syrup to the juices, then a bit of bubble water to cut the sweetness. It was really good enjoy!!

And now to announce the winner of Wren Bay is Tatting Chic, congratulations. I will e-mail you!! Thank you, thank you again for all your love and support. If you get Wren and deced to ever write a review, let me know and I will link it xoxo

Spiced Cider Punch

1/2 cup ginger vanilla syrup*

One 1/2 gallon jug apple cider

1 bottle of sparking cranberry cider

1 bottle bubble water



1 cup water

1 cup sugar

1 vanilla bean cut in half

1 thick slice of fresh ginger

In a sauce pan place all ingredients in a pan and let simmer on low 10 minutes. Set aside 1/2 hour to cool. Remove vanilla bean and ginger. Cut vanilla open and scrap out the beans into the syrup and mix together. 



Mix the syrup, cider and cranberry juice. Taste and see if you like it and if it needs more syrup. Then add bubble water to your taste. I make the punch strong and sweet then add some bubble water to cut it. Enjoy


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How wonderful! I think it is fantastic! I am coming from Rosie's blog...she says your book is just wonderful! I definitely hope to read it sometime!

Warm wishes for a beautiful Tuesday! :)



you are absolutly adorable! How excited for you and the girls...Wish I could have been there to support you and one day I will get the book...Congrats to you and your book Clarice! Hugs,Mica

Nancy Geaney

Hello, Clarice! Economy has been taking it's toll, and I was forced to make some sacrifices- I am now horseless for the first time in 13 years. Blogging was tough since then- not inspired is putting it lightly.But my pity party is over and I have more time for other things now, so I bought your book and cookbook this morning! I can't wait to read it.
All in all, we are well and healthy, and have a lovely warm roof over our heads. I see better times ahead and will keep making and baking.
You do the same.
With love,


What a wonderful party you had! I want to come out there with LaVonne...LOL!


I've been on a computer break so I've missed a little but wanted to send out a congratulations to you!


What wonderful photos! It made me so happy to see scenes from your special day. How exciting! Can you believe I've never used FRESH bay leaves? Only dried. I'll get they smell terrific. Again, thank you for sharing such lovely photos. I'm so proud and happy for you! xoxo Theresa


My face hurts from smiling! What a lovely day and how beautiful you are! Congratulations!


Congratulations Clarice!!
What beautiful pictures.


It was a delightful event and my pleasure to be a part of the volunteer paparazzi! I just posted a few highlights myself. ThanX for the linky love. XoXoX


Oh such fun and all the pictures are just lovely, Clarice! Thanks for the punch recipe too! Congrats to Tatting Chic....just looked at her's great and I've been dying to learn to tat. I think it's time! Don't you love when you discover yet another wonderful person and blog via a great blog and kindred spirit!


Dear Clarice~

Congratulations on your happy day! You look so happy. Everything looked lovely -- wish I could have attended.

Best wishes,


Dear Clarice,

It looks like it was a lovely time...still wishing that I could have made it there! :(


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Clarice you look so cute! What a happy day! Everything looks so pretty and I love the banner you made. Congratulations dear friend!

Congratulations to Tatting Chic too!



You look adorable Clarice. It looks like you had a beautiful book signing!


Oh I'm glad you posted so many photos of yourself signing your book - you look beautiful and oh, so happy. And goodness knows, the world needs more happiness.

Congratulations dear Clarice!


Oh Clarice it looked like so much fun.
Congratulations to the lucky winner.

Jill 00


I was a beautiful day and I am so happy that I could come to meet you and share in your joy!
Your decoration was lovely,(loved all the little vignettes full of wonderful antiques) the samplings of recipes, divine.(I will need to get a copy or two of your other books with recipes!)
It was so enjoyable meeting your mother and even your *out of state* guest. (And Gentleman Farmer was so happy that another man was there to talk with!)
I am only too sad that I forgot to take some bay leaves as a remembrance for the day!
Be Blessed this week, dear Clarice!

p.s. Hearty congratulations to Tatting Chic on winning your lovely new book!


Dear Clarice,

Oh, I'm so happy for you! What beautiful pictures. I wish I could have been there. Congratulations to Tatting Chic on winning the book, too!



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