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Making Pinecone Jewelry


Necklace pinecones 
This is my favorite kind of craft. Using something from nature in a whole new way. I am blessed to have at lest 6 different types of pine cones on my property. But I love these little fir cones. I thought for fall it would be fun to make jewelry. This was sooo easy just cones, glue and either a ring base or for a necklace I found a big button worked great. I just took some embroidery floss and string it through a hole and glued on the cones. The hardest part was holding the cones for 5 minutes or so, until the glue firmed up. This would be a wonderful project for children and great Christmas gift for them to make!!!

PS. Auberne` made the cutest toadstool ring from fimo!!

Ring 111 



Mushroom ring 



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This is gorgeous! I adore pine cones and have some small ones that look like this. Thanks for the idea.


Dear Clarice,

What great ideas! How do you ever come up with them all? :)

I hope this fall finds your family snug and warm.




Congratulations on writing a book! What an achievement. All the best with it.

LaDonna sent me over and I'm having such a fun time looking around...please don't mind if I'm sitting here for a spell.


So lovely! The mushroom ring is is great. What a creative bunch you all are!


how darling...I'm going to have to try my hand at the acorn necklace...thanks for sharing such a sweet idea :)

Gumbo Lily

These look so very pretty around the neck.
The toadstool ring is so cute, and I spied the most darling hoot owls behind it. Do you have directions on making those too?



Love ALL of it!!!! So pretty - think I shall try to make myself one. Beautiful!!! I have buttons, cord and lots of little pinecones. :)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I wish I had some of those little pinecones! Those are what I really wanted for the wreath I recently made but there's only one kind around here.

I love how creative y'all are! The toadstool ring and your pinecone necklace are just so cute!



Very unique Clarice! I have a ton of those tiny pinecones:-) My 6 yod will be all over this one!


Very cute Clarice! I especially love the little toadstool -- I'm thinking it's the red LOL!


that genius my dear. i love it and that ring is tootin cute. I want one! I am so happy for you by the way...with Wren Bay and your signing. wish I would have been there to meet ya... I miss Washington sometimes. Hope all else is well with you...hows David and the girls? Hugs,Mica


How charming! I love the necklace. Years ago Mother gave me a gilded fern leaf. I still have it and wear it!


So creative! What fun you are having. I love how nicely objects from nature during this season create such nice things for creating other things!

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