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Good day everyone, I hope you are surviving this crazy weather. I wanted to write a thank you because the response to Wren Bay has been wonderful and overwhelming. I am getting the most supportive notes, her sales are great, some of you are even ordering multiple copies at Christmas gifts (one person ordered 12 copies, thank you xoxo). I am just humbled. Thank you so much. If you are on Facebook, I have created a Fans of Wren Bay page. Occasionally I will have info. about Wren and extras. For example last week, I share a way to bling up Mary's roasted apple sausages and rosemary potato recipe.

 Also I wanted to share I have redone the cover on my baking book (long story). I was calling it my petite-magazine but now I do not think my original idea will work for me. I do have more books in mind. Actually have a craft/cooking book hand-n-hand I am working on. But we will see what I can get to. So I have renamed this book Storybook Woods Baking Book. I can assure you it is the same book you have ordered in the past just with a new front and back cover and a new name. I would hate for someone to order this, thinking it is something new, when they had the old one. Tomorrow I will have a bit more Wren news ot share but then I promise I will post about something that has NOTHING to do with WB, I promise xoxo


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Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

Hi Clarice! Wren Bay arrived last night when Mike brought in the the first eight chapters and am truly enjoying the story and the great recipes and information you included. The book has a very good atmosphere to read...a nice place to visit is what I like to say. :) I was thinking of combining a book review along with featuring you in my next Homespun Alchemist feature. Would that be okay with you? I"m off now to get some things done!
P.S. I like your cookbook's new cover and title!


The new cover for the baking book is just beautiful, Clarice. I think a craft book would be AMAZING! Go for it. I have yet to purchase my little copy of Wren Bay, but I will soon. :) Hope you and the girls have a fabulous weekend! :) Theresa


Hey Clarice,

It's been awhile since I've dropped in.
I love the new cover of your cookbook and I love your cookbbok!
Keep up the good work.

Jill x00


Great new cover Clarice!

Gumbo Lily

Great cover. I am glad you put your charming Storybook House on the back.



I love these book covers. so homey and sweet, they really set the mood!~

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