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Apple days 

October is when we have Apple Day. We do not have a specific day set aside, just a good, calm, happy fall day in October. A day where we are not rushed and can enjoy it. We tend to pick later in the month, becuase is gets darker earlier. Even though my daughters are teens, we still do apple day. You can read what we have done throughout the years here. Each year is a bit different but we always read how the apple got stars story. This year I think we will make Heather's gluten free apple cake (Heather I wish we could cook together!!) and some mini-caramel apples  (brilliant Mari oxo) I am sure the girls will inform we what else we will do ;-P

So make sure you have an apple day. Even if you just light a candle and eat an apple. Just do something with your family to remember how blessed you are and to show your family you love them. It is days like this that make up the fabric of our lives (akk, that does sound like some commercial doesn't it?? Oh well you know what I mean  :-P  )    xoxo


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Nice tradition!!!!! Yummy recipe!!!! I must try to make caramel apples I think my kids will love them!!! Be blessed

Children of Eve

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.


I hadn't checked in with your blog in about a week so today i thought i would so and let you know that we had apple day last night for the second year in a row, and low and behold thats exactly what your latest post is about. isn't it funny how things work out like that?


What a wonderful tradition!!!! I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing some recipes. I definitely would like to try the cake. :) Theresa xoxo


Bring on the commercial! Apple day sounds wonderful. Those mini caramel apples look sooo cute -- too bad they didn't work very well. I Looooove caramel apples!



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