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Beans and Rice Centerpiece


I will confess this past spring and summer, I did not do much with my house. Luckily my house is pretty and does not need a lot. I had no themes, color palettes, etc, I was too lost in Wren. But now I am coming out of my fog and getting my nest in order. Lots of deep cleaning going on (but I still have sooo much more to do, it is scary. I am slob incase you do not know that about me)  and autumn decorating. The only reason I pick a theme or colors when I decorate, is it helps me focus on what I already have. Maybe see something in a new light. This falls color theme is black, white, brown and a tiny touch of red here and there. Very neutral and a bit French feeling.

In keeping with using what I had (although I did have to buy the black tappers. Shh, do not tell anyone) I looked to my pantry for inspiration. You could use any beans and rice but these went with my color theme. The only trick was keeping the candles up, because the beans were not going to. I used my trusty tacky wax (I cannot live without that stuff) but you could use fimo, play-dough or some kind off clay. Pick something the same color as your beans stick a ball of it in your container and push the candle in it. I set the candles at different odd angels. Filled the dish with the beans and set it on  platter of wild rice. I really love the look of this centerpiece. Next time I will show you a super easy gathered runner xoxo

PS. I am looking for one person who paid $18.00 without shipping for Wren Bay. If it is you, I owe you $1.25. Please e-mail me. Thank you xoxo

Fall centerpiece


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So fun and interesting Clarice. Those colors are perfect for fall!

Gumbo Lily

I really like this idea because I like natural things rather than silk flowers and leaves and such. Thank you for sharing another practical & beautiful idea.



How lovely and classic. I just love that color combination - very warm and elegant. You are right - it does have a French kind of feel to it. Thanks for sharing. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo Theresa

The Pleasures of Homemaking

What a pretty idea! I love the darkness of the wild rice against the white of the platter! Just beautiful!

I couldn't get your attachement to download - it was blank?



you always make something look beautiful...almost right out of a magazine... I am so happy for you and your book. I wish I can buy it right now but cannot at this moment. boo hoo. I can't wait to get my hands on it... i told a few friends as much as I could about it too. Hey i noticed you said you were a slob... well so am I . i make piles everywhere. My husband hates it... At least I am not too big of a pack rat... he is just more anal tyhan I am...His side of the bed is perfect... mine is tore up.. I always kick the sheet up and around and well you get the picture. have a blessed weekend dear friend.Mica


I love the top picture. The colors are beautiful. Love, Mom

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