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Tasha Tudor Day 2010

TTday 11111

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!!

I am quite excited, this is a very special year. Tasha's family is celebrating with us and is having a giveaway at thier blog, Rookery Rambling. I  get lots of e-mails asking if Tasha's family knows about TT day. I know it is important to all of you (and me) that they know how much we admire and love Tasha. So, now, I can say YES!!

Also Cathy at The Christmas Corgi has an interview with Marjorie Tudor.

Please leave a comment with my co-hostess Suzanne or me about your Tasha Tudor day and why you love her.

TT pinnnnn

We had our TT day, last Sunday because my girls are off in the city today. I wanted to do a Tasha inspired craft but the girls wanted to sketch (where do they get these independent ideas from???  :-) So they made sketches from their favorite Tasha books and I made a Tasha inspired pin.

Tasha Tudor Pin

I simply cut an 6"x1 3/4" piece of wool fabric (but you can cut it any size you like), folded the fabric in half and sewed the two ends together.

I flattened the circle of fabric with the sewed edge in the center at the back of the pin. I also pulled some threads off the edges of the fabric.

Using heavy coat thread, I started gathering the center of the fabric. I would gather a bit, knot it off and keep repeating, until I was happy with the gathering. I tried to gather the front piece more than the back.

I attached a key at the bottom of the bow, using a loose loop of thread. Added an old button and a smaller bow to the center with fabric glue (or you can sew it on).  I sewed a pin-back on the back of the pin and WaaLaa, a Tasha Tudor inspired pin. I think these would be pretty pinned on a package, as a little extra gift.

A TT Auberne`

C TT Chloe

We also had a delish tea. I made Tasha's Toffee bars but I made them with whole wheat pastry flour, rapadurah (unrefined sugar that has a strong molasses flavor), bittersweet chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. They were to die for.

Whenever the girls and I chat about Tasha, we seem to have the same conversation. What we admire about her the most is the way she followed her heart. It was hard work and took a lot of focus. But she lived she version of happiness, something we all need to strive for xoxo
Tt day 33333 


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Argh! I was so looking forward to Tasha Tudor day this year, and somehow, the day passed me by without me realizing! Double Argh! Well, maybe we will do one on our own time and I'll be sure to comment again with a link if we do. :-) Your day looked lovely.


I love tasha thankyou xx


Hello! Such a nice post! Tasha Tudor Day is one of the best days of the year! Her artwork, her way of life, her doll house! What a fascinating lady!
Well, I know I'm a wee bit late... but I thought I'd share my TT day posts with you all. =] --and get started looking at everyone else's posts too. I'm excited to see what everyone has done!

This one has pictures of what we did on TT day etc.:

And here is the link to my posts on our doll blog:

Thanks for hosting! =]


Dear Clarice,
Well finally I have my post up for this year.
Your tea table looks beautiful and the drawing from the girls lovley
I so loved reading yours and was sooo keen to get to ours. I think next year I will celebrate before our sons birthday which falls on the 28th as this consumes a lot of our time.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us
Here is my link to my post

Lady Katherine

I love your Tasha pin! So happy to find your blog! Did you weave the wool you made the pin from? I weave and spin. I love the pin, for I get locked out of doors all the time. I could take this pin out and have my key handy! lol Yes, great for packages, so many things! Just love it! Your girls are very talented, love the sketches! I do love Tasha and your Tea is so wonderful! Wish I was there! I enjoyed this so much, I wish I had known about TT Day I would have come joined in! So much fun!


It looks like you and the girls had a wonderful Tasha Tudor day Clarice. What a lovely legacy she's left behind....

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

Happy Tasha Tudor day to you my darling friend! I love, love, love how you celebrate life in so many diverse ways. Sooo charming.
Love and hugs,


how lovely that you have this celebration. I wish I would have known about this, I would have celebrated on my art blog! Your childrens art is wonderful as is your pin.


I also celebrated Tasha Tudor's birthday. Come by and visit.


Well Clarice, you may not ask me to co-hostess again! I am a day late..LOL! No, I know you , your a very forgiving soul:-) I am in awe of all these lovely posts and look forward to visiting them all!

Diane Shepard Johnson

Dear Clarice,

Thank you, Clarice, for again hosting Tasha Tudor Day! Your daughters drew delightful drawings!

On our post, we have a photograph taken by me, of Tasha in her kitchen, that we have never before published. Her cooking and baking was always so delicious!

Here is a link to our Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration:

Here is a link to last year's Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration:

How wonderful it was to have Tasha as a friend and kindred spirit! We shared so many things in common!

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah


Hi Clarice! I just left a comment on your mother's blog about Tasha Tudor and hope you will read it. I have participated in your Tasha link previously. She is my daily inspiration. I did not know that her family had a blog and am off now to look at it.

Hugs from Holland ~


I have failed once again with this hectic life to participate again this year.I love your craft you came up with and the drawings are so sweet... your dessert looks lovely.I am so glad you celebrated!!! Hugs,Mica


Tasha was an amazing lady. I am so glad I discovered your blog so I could participate! I posted about today at


Clarice and Suzanne,
I can't believe the response you are receiving with your celebration of Tasha Tudor. She is truly a kindred spirit, isn't she?
Thank you to both of you for hosting this day and for your encouragement to remember and celebrate a very inspirational woman, whom we can all learn from.
I posted my celebration here:
Thank you for sharing yours with us!
Joanne at Seasonal Hearth


This is the first year I have participated and I can say is...thank you for putting it together for others to share and celebrate.

Tasha Tudor has been a great inspiration to me. I felt very alone in my fondness for the old ways, and when I realized there was a person, a woman, who totally engrossed herself while living in modern times, was just the push I needed to follow what I was meant to be.

Thank you again for bringing us together to celebrate her life!



Children of Eve

Happy T.T. to you too. We went peach picking, then came home and ate some and cooked some. A Tasha day all in all. Thank you for your beautiful post.


I loved seeing your daughters' sketches. We also grew up with Tasha Tudor Books (and tried to replicate her drawings : )). Thanks for the virtual tea party in her memory today!


I loved seeing your daughters' sketches! Beautiful!!!



This is my first Tasha Tudor Day...I just adore her and find that it is so pleasant that their are so many kindred spirits out in the world. If you have time today, please stop by my blog and say Hello...I would love to meet you.

Miss Clarice, thank you for taking the time to put together this lovely post!

Yours so kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Gumbo Lily

What a fun pin you've made, Clarice. I enjoyed the illustrations your girls did too. Thank you for hosting another Tasha Tudor Day for us. I always look forward to it and I look forward to reading about how everybody else celebrates her life.

Take joy!


Hello Clarice
Such a lovely Tasha Tudor Day post!
Your Tasha inspired pin is lovely ♥

IT's Just Dottie

I love Tasha Tudor for sharing her lovely lifestyle with us.
Take Joy,


Dear Clarice,

Your girls are such talented artists! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? :) The pin is so creative, too.

Thanks again for Tasha Tudor Day; it's so exciting to see more and more people doing it each year.




The girls did a great job on the sketches and I love your pin. What a great idea to use an old key. My post is up. I made her meatloaf last night and it was tasty. Love, Mom

Kim Campbell

I posted your button on my blog. I love Tasha!


Thank you for this lovely gathering! :) What a feast of ideas and creative living.

I've collected some of my thoughts on this great lady over at my site:

Her influence is immeasurable. I'm so glad to have known her, if only through her beloved books.


Hi Clarice,

Thank you once again, for hosting this wonderful day. Tasha Tudor is truly a lady I admire, and a perfect role model for all women, young or old. Her gentle ways and simple way of living are certainly appealing to me. She gives us courage and reason to continue that lifestyle. I also love her books, their simple but beautiful illustrations are timeless. Have a beautiful day!


Cathy Santarsiero

Hi Clarice, Auberne and Chloe! Happy Tasha Tudor Day! I'm so proud of you girls and your drawings! The power went out here in the woods this morning, (no big surprise, it goes out quite often) but I will have my Tasha Tudor post up later this afteroon for sure. Take Peace! Take Joy! xo xo Cat


What a lovely way to spend a day in tribute to an amazing woman!


Thank you for hosting this wonderful event again.

I had a solitaire Tasha tea time (my husband shared tea and toast when he arrived home later).

I wrote about what I've learned from Tasha... here:


Oh Clarice how I wish I was a guest at your lovely tea table!!! As always, you have come up with a beautiful craft--the pin would indeed look sweet on a gift as an added touch too. Your girls sketching is wonderful--where do they get their artistic flair;-) I will have my post up this eve as we have a busy day ahead, but tea is late this afternoon!


Hello, I found my way to Tasha Tudor posts and I'm just thrilled. I first found Tasha Tudor in the 70's when I bought my first book for my daughter. We treasured every new book that came out and still do. Thank you so much for stiring the memories. I thought Tasha Tudor was gone forever but she still lives on thanks to people like you.
I wish I knew about this event, I would have joined in! Maybe I'll make a few banners and tags and maybe next year their might be another event.
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage


Happy Tasha Tudor Day! Oh, isnt this so fun? All your Tasha inspired projects and creations are so fun! Its a great day, and what a great woman. Tasha is such a hero to me. She gave me the inspiration to create my own art business, and to pursue my passions and embrace the simple things in life.

I'd like to invite everyone over to Audrey Eclectic for a fun little giveaway in honor of her birthday!

And also, I have a little announcement about my Tasha Tuesdays.... :)

Becky Lane

I love her for the same reason. She gave me the strength to go against the flow, to live my life according to my own values, regardless of what the TV and magazines were telling me I should do.


Happy Tasha Tudor Day to you and yours! Here is my humble post:

I guess my post explains why I adore Tasha. I hope you enjoy it! :)

And thanks to YOU for sharing the lovely images and sketches and crafts and delicious goodies! Tasha would be most proud, I think!

xoxo Theresa


I am also, celebrating Tasha Tudor day. Have loved her books since I was a child. Have read them to my children. Wonderful post on Tasha thanks for having a day to remember her and her work. Loved her spirit!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Happy TT Day to you! Your tea table looks so pretty! The heart shaped toffee bar is so sweet. I love your Tasha inspired pin and the girls sketches.

I'll go read the Majorie Tudor interview now.

Have a great weeekend!

'Aunt Amelia'

Thank you so much, for continuing to give us this Day, and place to come and celebrate our love of Tasha!

I too am doing so today! And will keep coming back, during the day, to go visit others who are also Celebrating Dear Tasha.

I too, admire the way she followed her heart! Or as I put it [useing Joseph Campbell's words], "She followed her bliss."

Gentle hugs to all...


Wonderful post!!!
I'm celebrating Tasha, too, today.

Happy Tasha Tudor Day!!!


Happy Tasha Tudor Day, Clarice. What a lovely post. I really like your Tasha inspired craft and cake, and your girl's sketches of Tasha's artwork. What a wonderful way to celebrate Tasha.

I'm celebrating Tasha, too, today. I hope you will come for a visit.

Happy TT Day to you,


This is great, I first came across Tasha Tudor what must have been a year ago now - when Marmeecraft posted a blog post celebrating Tasha Tudor day.

So now I guess its time to look up her art and her story myself and see what it is that has inspired so many artists now : )

So thanks for sharing the Tasha love, I'm off to those websites now...

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