Stevia Give-away
Tasha Tudor Day 2010

Summer Lime Treat and Winners

Lime curd222

    There are certain foods that just seem to be made for each other, like strawberries and lavender or limes and blueberries. I love these combos. A couple of weeks ago was Beatrix Potter's birthday and we had an impromptu tea outside. I was scrambling for a treat to serve and came up with this simple dish. All it is, is good crusty bread, lime curd and some perfect blueberries. I have to say it is wonderful!

    I have mentioned before I like to make curd in the microwave, I find it is foolproof and straining it catches any lumps you happen to have. One thing I always do and never see in recipes, is I add the zest at the end. It keep the oils in the zest strong.

Now for the four winners of the stevia give-away

Angie   Theresa   Linda    Nadine

Email me with your address and thank you all who entered. I will see you one Saturday, Tasha Tudor day. I have a cute, easy pin to share xoxox


Quick Lime Curd

3 limes, zested (set zest aside) and juiced

3 whole eggs

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup (1 stick) butter cut into cubes.

In a microwave-safe bowl whisk together eggs and sugar. Add juice and butter. Set bowl in microwave, a run on high for one minutes. Pull out bowl and whisk. Keep doing this till curd is think. I find it takes me 5-6 minutes. Push curd through a sieve into a bowl to catch any lumps. Then stir in zest. Let cool a little while and then refrigerate.


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How lovely! A is For Annabelle is the first book Caroline ever read. Glad you had a great celebration. Oh, and I love your Jeremy Fisher cup.


I've never tried making curd in the microwave. That's a really good thing to know. I'm going to give it a try.

Thank you for the recipe.



Lovely Clarice!
Thanks for sharing!
Joanne, who hopes to join you all for Tasha Tudor day tomorrow


Congrats to the lucky winners and thanX for another yummy recipe!


Congrats to the winners!


Yay!!! I never win anything and I really wanted this one! Thank you, my dear!




The Pleasures of Homemaking

Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the recipe! Your treat looks yummy!



Lime curd? Yum! Thanks for posting the recipe. And thank you for selecting my name in the stevia giveaway! It was a nice way to wake up. :) Theresa


Congrats to your winners! And thanks for the lime curd recipe -- it looks delicious!

Gumbo Lily

How I'd love to eat that blueberry lime-curd for my breakfast this morning. Thanks for the tip to add the zest last in the curd recipes.

Congrats to the winners!


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