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Outdoor Summer Kitchen

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I do not know if you remember my washing station last summer. I loved it and have wanted to set up an outdoor kitchen (for those rare sunny WA days ;-) This is still not perfect but getting better. For my birthday David bought me this galvanized tub on a stand. Isn't it fun!!! I dragged out an old table and used a vintage sheet for an table cloth. You can not see it in the picture but there is a table for 4 with a red gingham, plastic tablecloth. So we can cook, clean and eat out here. I use my small grill or crock pot out here. As you can see we clean and prepair produce for the freezer out here too. In the NW, warm, sunny days are rare. You have to enjoy them while you can. Do any of you have an outdoor kitchen ???  xoxoxo

PS. Thank you for the feedback about the Wren Bay cover, it was so helpful xoxo

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Oh, that is cute! Only if it was possible to add home soda maker without ruining it outdoors.


Oh, that is so cute!! I especaially love your bunting!! We do not have an outdoor kitchen as it is way too hot and humid here-yuck!! Maybe I need to move...;)

Pearl Maple

Nice work area you have created for yourself to enjoy the great outdoors.
How is the book coming along.


I wanna come cook with you and heck I will bring a load of laundry over too..hugs dear!! Mica


This is so sweet and summery! And congrats on the book, this is so exciting!~!


Love your summer kitchen!
I finally got around to sending your package.
You should be getting it in the next couple of days.
Jill 00

Gumbo Lily

Looks like Little House on the prairie. I have no outdoor kitchen -- too many flies and bugs here for that. Enjoy those warm summer days while you can!



This is really inspiring and homey! Makes me realize that it's good to have some grassy (or even weedy) area where a little extra water or suds with foot traffic won't make mud or damage tender plantings.


Oh you lucky girl -- it's beautiful! I don't have an outdoor kitchen, but it sure would be fun!


So cute! And so Mary Jane Butters, too. :) You are so imaginative, Clarice! Blessings, Debra


How festive! It's perfectly sweet. The banner above the kitchen adds so much charm! We don't have an outdoor kitchen - the closest we have is the grill out on the patio! LOL Have a wonderful day! :) Theresa xoxo

Sharon D.

How sweet is that? Very cute Clarice and it looks so cool by the trees :) A fun place to prepare and feast :)

Have a blessed day!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I LOVE the galvanized tub!!! What a great gift!

Love the whole thing!

No, we don't have an outdoor kitchen. We've been avoiding the outdoors since it's been 105-110 with the heat index and humid! I'm lucking if I can sit outside early in the am. But the end of this week it's suppose to drop back to the 80's so hopefully I'll be able to get some gardening done.



I love your highly useful & beautiful outdoor kitchen!! Props to your hubby on having great taste in birthday shopping too :)


Very Cute! Today is one of those rare hot days...too hot if you ask me! :)



So much fun! And we've had a lot of sunny days lately - at least here on the Island. So I hope you're getting to use your pretty space a lot!

Tracey McBride~Frugal Luxuries™

LOVE LOVE LOVE it Clarice! The banner gives it a perfect festive touch! Practical and perfectly charming...like you my kind friend!

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