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Parmesan-Crusted Baked Shrimp


Okay, I think I have established on this blog, I am lazy!

Yes, I love to cook but IF I can find a quicker but still amazing way to do it, I will take it.. This is my when-I-come-home-late-and-am-too-tired-to-cook-dish, well this is an improvement on that dish! It has become a families favorite. We all love the crunchy, cheesy topping and I love how simply fast it is. Actually Chloe is the one who makes it most of the time.

I buy shrimp in big bags, divvy it up and freeze. On crazy days in the morning I pull out a bag of frozen shrimp, put rice and broth in the rice cooker and toss together the dry portion of this dish. I come home turn on the oven and rice cooker then when the oven is hot I finish off the shrimp dish. This gives me time to go out in my garden pick some fresh lettuce and chive blooms. To make a quick vinaigrette just I thin down some homemade aioli with a bit more oil. (Which is soo fast and easy because of my blenderstick. I keep a batch of alioli always on-hand). Now this is my kind of fast food !!!!!

Parma shrimppppppp 

 Parmesan-Crusted Baked Shrimp

1 pound shrimp, shelled and if frozen defrosted

⅟₈ cup olive oil.

1 ½ cups dried breadcrumbs, I like panko

¾ cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 tsp. salt, pepper and dried, granulated garlic

¼ cup butter, ½ stick, melted


Pre-heat oven 350◦F

Toss shrimp in oil and arrange shrimp in a wide baking pan, big enough to not crowd each other. In a bowl toss together crumbs, cheese, salt, pepper and garlic. When the oven is hot mix crumbs with melted butter (do not do this ahead of time or the crumbs will become mushy). If not all crumbs are coated, add a bit more melted butter. Sprinkle buttered crumbs over shrimp and bake 25 minutes.



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I am not a cook by any standards, But my husband brought me home a bag of shrimp and I am going to try it. Wish me luck


@Deb..you can and should purchase your shrimp already shelled AND deveined!


HELP! I LOVE shrimp and my mouth is watering for this dish - but, I've never cooked with shrimp before. This may be a dumb question but - aren't you supposed to take the shell off before you cook the shrimp???
*sigh* I even feel foolish writing this question, but... I'm soooooo confused!

Karla Nathan

Shortcuts are always appreciated! sounds delicious.


I think this just became one of my family's favorites as well! Do you use those tiny shrimp?


OH YUM! And I have shrimp in the freeze and panko in the pantry and a rice cooker!! :oD I'll bake it in my electric roaster oven on the back porch to keep my kitchen cooler.
Thanks for the recipe Sweetie!


Looks delicious! Is Panko hard to find? I may try a variation on this with white fish. I've been doing my baking outside on the BBQ this week, because it's just too HOT to turn the oven on!

Pearl Maple

Oh yum, the only thing that could make shrimp tastier would be parmesan, can't wait to try this.

Good luck on your book project.


Oh my word!!!! Shrimp is my absolute favorite! I am printing this out and will make it ASAP. Thank you, dear friend! YUM!!!! Theresa xoxo

Gumbo Lily

Oh yum! This is my kind of cooking. One dish. I wonder what it would be like to add shredded coconut to the bread crumbs for a different twist?

Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Sharon D.

This looks so tasty Clarice, thank you for sharing :) You know I think we all have lazy moments ;) Have a great day!


Sounds like the perfect summer dish - I love shrimp! Thank you for posting it, can't wait to try it!


Sara's Sweet Surprise

Hello Clarice~I hope all is well in your busy life, especially with baby Logan.
Now that we've went from temps into the 60's to 90+, I don't like to spend long hours cooking over a hot stove. I really appreciate quick and flavorful recipes like this.
My friend gave me an easy tip for using the crock pot over the summer. She said the crock pot really heats up the kitchen, so we really don't like to cook with it in the summer, so she solved my dilemma by a simple suggestion of...using it outside on the deck or patio, keeping the heat where it belongs...outside.

Sweet wishes,

Wayside Wanderer

This sounds really tasty! I am going to give it a try.

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

My husband will love this Clarice! Thanks so much!


Oooh Yum! This looks delicious Clarice -- thanks for sharing!!!

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