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Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer and it is not going by too fast. I know a lot of you are dealing with really hot weather, I am sorry :-(     Here in the NW it just feels like summer has started. My birthday was a week ago and I wanted to give a shout out to a few friends who have given me the most yummiest b-day gifts.

Thank you Angie for the tri-fold mirror. It is gorgeous and a real sacrifice on your part, to part with it. I love it and you xoxo

Bday gifts33333 

Thank you Linda for the beautiful swans, I can see them on my pink, shabby chic tea table. Also the cottage book and vintage place cards. Meeting you has been one of the silver linings to my blog xoxo

A big thank you my beautiful Auberne`for my tea-bag softies (You need to make some of these for your shop and NO I am not nagging you ;- ). You know I have been wanting one for a longest time. I LOVE her, her expression say "Pleas do not dunk me." You are the most clever, amazing girl. I adore you xoox

Lastly to my Chloe who gave me the best gift ever, no work for a whole weekend. She will do all my chores. WOW, now there is a gift I will use. What a giving, loving girl you are and you know your mama sooo well xoxox

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Happy Belated Birthday Clarice! It looks like you've received some wonderful gifts - especially from your little angels!


Happy Belated Birthday dear friend. Please email me the day. I am starting a blogger friend birthday page. Love the tri-fold mirror & other goodies. It looks like you did good, especially the chore free deal! I just got from vacation myself. We went to the Rocky Mountains, it was insane. I love the beach tho. That little town looks like a fairy tale, just like you girl!! Love the little cabin, all of it. Hows the book going? Lisa


You were blessed with many yummy goodies, Clarice! So glad that you enjoyed your birthday celebration!
Thanks for sharing,


Happy Birthday to you! I love your daughters gifts....the tea bag is so tootin cute and to have the chores done is surely an awesome gift...you are a blessedMama....Hope you had a wonderful day on your special day. Hugs.Mica


Wonderful gifts you received!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

What wonderful bday gifts! Those tea bag softies are so cute!! A whole weekend with no work! How perfect! I must mention that to my daughter LOL!



Happy Birthday Clarice. It looks likes you had a great one . You must be very proud of your girls !!!

Gumbo Lily

Happy Birthday, Clarice!
You've got some lovely gifts there. You're blessed.



(in a sing song voice…) ‘Happy Birthday to you, you live in the woods, you look like a home maker... and you act like one to!” ;) Happy Birthday mom, I love you!
Love Chloe!:)


Oh my goodness! I am an AWFUL friend. :( I'm SOOO sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a lovely lovely time. What special gifts you received. Those little tea bag softies are ADORABLE. :) I do promise to make it up to you. By the way, the shrimp was AMAZING!!! YUM! Theresa xoxo


Happy Birthday dear Clarice, Happy Birthday to you! Love, Gill xxx


Belated Happy Birthday Clarice. Isn't it wonderful to feel pampered?


Happy Belated Birthday Clarice. What lovely gifts and best of all the gift of time to relax. Your girls are just the best!

Sharon D.

What beautiful gifts Clarice! Happy Belated Birthday! I love the tea bag softies. Auberne, please add them to your shop! pretty please with sugar on top? Chloe, what a perfect gift!

Have a blessed weekend!

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