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Please Pray For Baby Logan

Baby Logan 024
Hello dear readers, I never ask for prayers but a long time, dear friend of mine needs lots of prayers right now. Her beautiful grandson, Logan was born on Sunday.  An emergency C-section was performed but baby Logan was delivered without a pulse.  Resuscitation efforts went on for 15 minutes with no response. 

Logan was without oxygen for at least 15 minutes.  It could have been up to 24 minutes.

He is a beautiful, 8 lb 8 oz, baby.  He's well filled out and physically healthy and lovely.  His heart and lungs seem to be strong and functioning well, but there is brain damage.  He is currently on a cold cap and will be until Thursday.  On that day they'll do brain function scans.

We are all praying for a miracle. Please hold Logan up in your prayers. Thank you xoxo


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Praying still for Logan now, May the Lord give strength to him and his parents who love him dearly.

from Long Beach Ca

Kelee Katillac

I will pray directly.


What a true heart break. I will keep baby Logan in my prayers and thoughts

Logan, the oil spill, the families trapped in the Arkansas flood-have all weighed heavily on my heart and in my thoughts this week.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Gumbo Lily

Lifting up Logan to the Father and all who love him.



This is so hard to see/read, but I am praying that God will do a miracle for baby Logan.
heartfelt thoughts and prayers,


Oh, poor little one! My heart goes out to the family. I am praying for a miracle!!~

sweet cottage dreams

I am so sorry and will say prayers for Logan and his family.



Clarice--thank you so much for sending out this message of prayer need for my grandson. He is doing much better than we dared hope for. Still having trouble with breathing and I believe he is still on high doses of anti-seizure meds.

Yesterday his neurologist and neonatologist told Logan's parents that he is "cautiously optimistic." All of his brain areas are functioning--not quite as strongly as would be expected in a normal newborn, but they're all functioning! We don't know quite what his future will hold, we'll know more over time, but for now we'll take the news we've gotten and give thanks for this miracle!

Thank you again, Clarice, for sharing this and thank you to all of your readers who have lifted us all up in their prayers. I can't begin to express how much this means to me.

Kristin, Logan's grammy

This is heartbreaking and really brings into focus what is important in this vast, fast moving, and sometimes callous world. But, the comments show us how many caring and loving people are out there.

In my thoughts, heart, and prayers,



This stuff is so hard to read as I am eight weeks out from having my little baby, but consider it done, Clarice. We are trusting in God for his complete healing.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Oh so sad, of course he'll be in my prayers!


Sharon D.

Oh Clarice,

That is so heartbreaking. I too am praying for Logan and his family. God CAN do anything and I am praying that little Logan will be healthy. We actually have a friend whose baby was born dead, she came back with no brain damage at all! Little Abigail (8 yrs. old now) is a perfectly healthy little girl.
Please keep us posted on this little sweetie.



Dear heavenly Father. Only you can perform miracles Lord, May your healing hands be on baby Logan and his family during this very scary, traumatic time. May it be Your will that he come through this as a healthy baby boy,and be able to enjoy his life as a normal child. Please Lord hear our prayers.

I am praying this fervently for Logan and his family.With HOPE and faith...Mica


Sending positive healing energy and well-wishes to Logan and his family...Theresa


Precious Baby Logan and his family are in my prayers. Miracles happen.

Kristin Smith

Praying for a miracle for this blessed little boy. First, I give thanks that this little one survived such a traumatic entry into this world, but I ask you Dear Lord for yet another miracle, that little Logan be blessed without damage to his brain- or that You light the way for that damage to heal. Amen.


So sorry for this heartbreaking situation. We will definitely pray for baby Logan and his family.

Tears and prayers.....Praying for a miracle...that God will touch this Precious little baby and restore his brain completely....God loves this little one and Logan is in the Master's hands....Praying for strength and peace and faith for this family....

Junie Moon

My heart goes out to Logan and his family. They will all be in my prayers.


have prayed and will continue very sad, but mustn't lose hope, God is much bigger than all of this.



My prayers are going out to him and his family ~ Deb


Oh Clarice -- that's just so sad. I'll never understand why these things happen to such otherwise, beautiful, healthy babies. XOXO.


Precious baby. I'm praying now.

Nadine sad! I shall be praying for Logan and his family!



I have prayed. I know God and He can move mountains. So I know he can touch this little one. I prayed God's peace for his family.


Let us know if you hear anything. Praying for complete healing. Love, Mom


Thanks for posting this, Clarice. The more prayers the better for dear Logan.


Oh Clarice this photo saddens my heart.
I will definetely add little Logan in my prayers as well as GOD to give his family love and strength.

Tracey McBride

My prayers and best thoughts for perfect health and healing to baby Logan.


Logan is in my prayers.

melissa @ the inspired room

Oh that just breaks my heart. What a beautiful baby he is!! Many prayers for them.


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