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Powder boxxxx

My mother and I have been having so much fun making different mayos and dressings with our blender stick. It is sooo dang easy. She told me about a roasted garlic and blue cheese dressing she made, I was drooling. Being salad season right now, I wanted to make an entree salad highlighting this dressing. I have to say this salad and a bowl of Chloe's ice cream (which we are living on) was delish and a perfect summer dinner.

Do you like my latest find, it is a powder box? It is quite big, I love the bright colors. We are having our father's day today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I will up-date you on baby Logan next post xoxo


Blue Cheese Salad


tomatoes, cubed

bell pepper, I like orange, sliced into thin slices

roasted chicken, shredded into pieces

roasted garlic

Red onion, thinly sliced

my mothers roasted garlic blue cheese salad dressing

extra blue cheese

You could mix this all onto one big bowl or make composition salad, where you put the spinach on a plate and arrange the veggies and chicken over then top. Then drizzle with dressing and top with extra blue cheese and roasted garlic.


Fresh Herb Muffins

Chloe's Espresso Ice Cream

1 cup cold half/half or  whole milk

1 cup cold heavy cream

1/2 cup coco powder

1/2 cup evaporated cain or sugar

1 TBL. instant espresso powered

Whisk all together. Do not worry if all the coco powder does not whisk in, it will mix in while it is in the ice cream machine. If using electric machine pour into machine and run 1/2 hour. Should be fairly firm, transfer to container and set in fridge.


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Yum, yum!
My Aunt just sent me a very old dressing recipe.
My Great Grandmother used to make this.
I poured it over sliced cucumbers and onion.
The receipe that I remember did not have flour. I found it. Two eggs yolks, 1 T. sugar, 2 T vinegar...stir until mixed on a low temp. in a small skillet and add 1 T butter. Stir until yolks have thickened and the dressing turns to a pale, glossy consistency. This is basically the one that Alice made for her delicious 24 hr. fruit salad, but on sliced cucumbers and thinly sliced onions, it is a more flavorful dressing than mayo...needs salt and pepper too. My cousin used this on her slaw and added some prepared brown mustard. Enjoy.


Isn't it fun when you discover some new something to do in the kitchen? I made cherry ice cream the other night, and it was so much quicker and easier than I thought it would be with the ice cream maker that my parents gave me. Next, I want to make sorbet.

Your powder box would look wonderful in your library, I think.

Thank you for sharing your recipe.

Sharon D.

You're making me hungry Clarice!

I will have to make your mother's dressing for my honey, he loves Bleu Cheese. Me, I just started weight watchers so it's not happening :)

Thanks for always sharing wonderful ideas and recipes!

Have a blessed weekend!



Great find Clarice! The powder box is lovely and so british!
Thank you for the recipes. I am trying to use spinach more in my diet to increase my iron level...the salad recipe sounds great!

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice,

The powder box is amazing!!! What a find. I am soo excited to try your mom's sounds delicious (all her recipes are mouth watering...I see where you get your talent from ;). Hope your family is enjoying your early father's day celebration.



Your new powder box is beautiful Clarice. I hope you had a Happy Father's Day! ; -)

Junie Moon

You've inspired me to add a blender stick to my shopping list. I'll definitely get one after my vacation (no time now to go shopping for one). Thanks for sharing all that you're doing, sounds wonderful to me.

Wayside Wanderer

Love your pretty powder box and the ice cream sounds heavenly. It is so hot here and we can't get enough of cold things.


Oh my - what a delicious menu!!! What time shall I come? LOL Just made some currant scones this afternoon with fresh currants from our bush. They look amazing (I am trying to be good until the morning). Soon, I'll be making black raspberry pie as well...we've already started harvesting them! LOVE your new find - whatever type of box it may be - it most certainly is pretty! Enjoy your weekend!!! Theresa :)


Does sound divine...we will be making our own mayo and ketchup this Summer too!!! Once my tomatoes grow in I can use them, woot woot! I love your powder canister how elegant...just like you girlfriend! You take really nice pics. Enjoy your Fathers Day...we are celebrating tomorrow since my hubby is going to Washington this weekend to fill a pulpit on Sunday. so he won't be with us. We are going camping on Coronado beach with my sister till Wednesday! i am sure you will be seeing pics. this week hee hee.... Hugs to you Mica

Nadine all we need is some summerlike weather to enjoy all our salads and ice cream! :)
Thank you for sharing your ice cream recipe - I am going to give it a try with our ice cream maker!


Gumbo Lily

Sounds like the perfect summer menu. Thank you!



Sounds good!
Thank you for shring.

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