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Mason Jar Light Fixture


Woo-hoo, look what my talented hubby made me. Auberne` showed me a mason jar light and I loved it. So I found a tutorial on making one. I have been wanting a new light fixture for the shoe-room and think this is perfect. I will say David did not do it the way the tutorial says. He bought all the parts separate and did his own thing. It cost $15.00 and hold a 60 watt bulb. Not bad. I could see a row of these in a kitchen !!!




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Oh that is absolutly fantastic! It helps to have such lovely light fixture to begin with!


I love this so much! And your blog! And you! Thank you for sharing!!!

love, Bree

The Pleasures of Homemaking

That is such a cute idea!



that is ingenious! Love how it looks in your place! Mica


What a clever use for mason jar!! One more to put on my list of the wonderful uses of mason jars!!

Hi Clarice dear,

Love it. I use "Lightning" jars in aqua for all my chandeliers. Have them hanging in our screened porch, but don't have any electricity out there.

Thinking of you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


I think the mason jar is perfect too!
You couldn't have found anything cuter at a store.
Tell hubby great job!



What clever gals you are!
PS. love the plates hanging on the wall. :)

IT's Just Dottie

I really like that mason jar idea idea, but OH MY GOSH I love the color of your walls.

Gumbo Lily

Neat idea! And what a nice man to fashion the light just for you.


Dianntha always find some interesting things to do with ordinary materials. i am happy you like it...i am not sure I could live with the fixture above so bare....I would have to make some sort of cover that leads down to the jar....any ideas for that??? Dianntha


That is SO much fun! What a great way to create something useful while recycling something old. :) We recently made wind chimes using old silverware from Goodwill. It was too much fun! Have a wonderful week! Theresa :) xoxo


Very cute Clarice! And I laughed when I read shoe-room -- I haven't heard it called that -- your shoes have a room of their own hahahaha!


What a clever idea. It is so nice of David to do such a sweet thing for you.


Tracey McBride

love, love, love it Clarice!!! I've been obsessing over these for weeks. :) You lucky girl.


Cute. Dave is so talented. Love, Mom


So Cute!

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