So What Do I Really Cook A Lot
Okay, Clarice, Share The Secret Already

Things I Love


Upcycled garden markers, what a fun reuse of old silverwear, thank you Gina xoxox

The new Sherlock Holmes movie, love it. A very differnt take on Sherlock Holmes (I was obbesed with SH when I was a girl) but I like it !!!!

Orange Vinegar, for cleaning. Brilliant Nadine xoxo

Make Fabric Paper Tape, I will never use boaring tape from now on

A savory zabaglione, who would have thought of that, yummm

Season 3 Lark Rise On Candleford on youtube. Sighhhh, I want to live in Lark Rise

I have to make a Rose belt and a ruffel bag !!

PS, Gill made the comment

"Did you know that Flora Thompson was post mistress (assistant) in the same village that Conan Doyle lived in, at the same time as he was writing some of his Sherlock stories?"

Thank is sooo cool, I did not know that. How funny I should mention both in the post. Thank you for sharing and now I have a fun bit of triva xoxoxo


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Karla Nathan

I am on my way to check out Lark Rise!

Bonnie Buckingham

That was an interesting comment about Doyle and Thompson! Thanks. I have some of her books coming from England. We have already watched the 3rd Season...enjoy!


I love your list!! Can't wait to make the tape and order the DVD from Netflix. I love Sherlock Holmes... all versions and actors! I used to watch them as a chld too... with my Dad. Followed by Charlie Chan.


such an absolutely beautiful picture!! :0)

Gumbo Lily

The clematis are gorgeous. Mine are just coming up from the ground. Love your list. We liked Sherlock Holmes too. The fabric tape is so cool, I want to make some too.



I always learn the most wonderful things on your blog.Your favorite things are becoming my favorites .


These links will keep me busy for awhile! This is the second time this week someone has mentioned 'Lark Rise on Candleford'. I had never heard of it. Sounds like something I would love ~ so I will have to see if the library has it. I can't watch YouTube as I only have dial-up! :~{
I haven't seen Sherlock yet, either! But as hubby is laid off next week, perhaps we will have a chance to see it!
So glad you are feeling better!
Blessings to you!


I love your list! We recently saw the Sherlock Holmes movie - it was fun. I love Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law - both great actors. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! xoxo Theresa


Fun links. I love the ruffled bag. You'll have to let us know if you make one.

Thanks again for recommending the Candleford series. Netflix has it now too. And Costco had seasons 1 & 2....I had to buy them. :)

Junie Moon

I love the Sherlock Holmes movie, too. You've got some great ideas/tips listed I'm going to explore and consider. Thank you!


Lovely list Clarice...thank you for including me on it. I hope you get a chance to make some of the cleaner!

Thank you also for the link for the Lark Rise series. I am on a waiting list through the library for them, but this will be much easier and quicker! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, perhaps it will warm up for us!



Hello Clarice, I totally agree about the Sherlock Holmes movie...I love it! I read all the stories when I was at school. And Lark about making me homesick. Did you know that Flora Thompson was post mistress (assistant) in the same village that Conan Doyle lived in, at the same time as he was writing some of his Sherlock stories? (It is also my home village and my children love to see pictures of "Grandmas village" in books; it hasn't changed so very much,even now.)
Hope you are feeling a little better, Gill xxx


Clarice, Hey there!!!! These sound great!!! I will have to try the orange vinegar cleaner. I am going more organic here everyday!!! We saw Sherlock Holmes in the theater then again last night,it is so actiony (not a word) and I loved the different take on it. Hugs to you this lovely weekend...we're off to a wedding! Mica


Hi Clarice,
Your clematis are really beautiful! Thank you for sharing all of the fabulous links to the things you love! We loved the Sherlock Holmes movie too!

Enjoy your weekend!
Love, Paula

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