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Heartfelt Thoughts From A Mother To Her Daughters


I have posted (finally something) on  Heartfelt Thoughts From A Mother To Her Daughters about taking care of yourself when you are sick, which we have been. I hope you are well and having a yummy weekend xoxoxox

PS. La-Tea-Dah asked about the photo. It is Anthropologie, I took it at Christmas time. They painted the wall with chalkboard paint and hung bunt pans. Then with chalk drew the circles. I am thinking of doing this on a wall in my kitchen. It is sooo cool. Sorry for not saying something about the photo before xoxo



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Oh gosh Clarice,

You're much more creative than Anthropologie.


Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice! Just wanted to let you know that you've won this month's book give~away! Please drop me an email at and let us know where you'd like us to send your prize! Congratulations my sweet friend.
Love and hugs,

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Anthro always has some out of the box stuff going on!

I hope you're feeling better and I'll go read your other post now.


Tracey McBride

Oh my goodness Clarice...I LOVE this picture and the idea behind it!!! You are magical in finding these amazing ideas...I truly thank you for sharing them all.
P.S. I'm also lovin' those lamp necklaces...sooo clever!

Karla Nathan

Anthropologie has the best ideas!


LOvely words...

I do hope you are feeling better ...


Gumbo Lily

Lovey-dove that picture. What a great idea. You were smart to take a picture to remember it by.

Get well soon, sweetie.



Dear Clarice,

What a blessing for your girls to have these thoughts from you! I hope all is well at your home now, and that spring has truly found your part of the world.




Wow -- that's a super cool idea with those bundt pans. I sure hope you are all feeling better now!

Bringing Pretty Back

That is so cool! I NEED to get some chalkboard paint and do something with it!!


The photo is quite lovely. Hope you and your daughters are feeling better quite soon! :) Hugs, Theresa


Beautiful thoughts, Clarice. I hope you are all feeling much better.



Clarice, did you create the beautiful art in your photo? I'd like to know more ---- maybe you told about it on your other blog. I'll go see. . .


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