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Coco Chanel Inspired Candle


In Wren Bay, I tried to weave into the story all these bits and bobs of subjects that I am passionate about. Fashion and Coco Chanel, is one of the subjects. I did a lot of research (which was so much fun), so you could say I've had Coco Chanel on my mind and after all that research, I wanted to add a bit more Chanel to my home.

While checking out the coolest fabric store on earth Esther's, for Chanel inspiration, I noticed they had a large selection of trim and FOE (fold over elastic) for making your own lingerie. What I think is soo cool about this stuff, is it is stretchy. Just think about it, cut a length, tack (sew) the ends together and you have a rubber band with pretty trim.  There are a ZILLION uses for rubber bands.

Here I just took a French jam jar, wrap some trim around it and added a candle. I plan to make more of these for my kitchen window. So check out your trim/ribbon aisle, who knows what inspiration there is xoxo

PS, I noticed at Etsy, if you search lingerie trim, there is a bunch of stuff. Have fun.




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Sharon D.

Very pretty Clarice! I love your creativity :)

have a glorious day!

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Hello Clarice~I've been busy with visiting family (again). Summer weather may not be upon us, but the summer guests are.
I did take time to sneak out of the kitchen (from time to time) to see what you'd been up to.
It's nice to finally have time to chat....
(sigh) "COCO"designs...classic, ageless and timeless.
I receive such inspiration from your ideas.
We share the same creative wave length.
I've got a large inventory of stretch lace. I've been looking for something new, practical and brings a *sweet surprise* to my eye. This is my spark to the flame I needed!

I'm so excited about your book endeavor. I look forward with bated breath.

It was your rose post/recipes that brought me in (from who knows where) for my first visit.
I'm so grateful to have found you. Strolling in always brings joy to my day.
Come on over...I'll put the kettle on.

Sweet wishes,


Wow girl, only YOU can make a jam jar & a tea light look haute couture! Tres magnifique! Lisa


That is so sweet- great idea!


I love that trim. It does have a French summery look about it, and your idea is a very nice one.



I love how something so simple can be made into something so neat and pretty. You are a genius!!!! Hugs,Mica


Oh, love it! everyone needs a little coco in their life :) I love the little vignette you've create here. Tres chic!~


Oh la la (ditto to the post above)
Love the french touch!
Want to go to Paris one day!:)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Love your Coco inspired candle and that whole photo! I'll have to go take a look at that trim - it does sound like it would be interesting to use - you always find the neatest stuff! Now I'm even more excited to read your book!




Hi Clarice,
What a pretty vignette. I will have to get some trim now for my crowns.
Thanks for the tips,


I just put the Coco Chanel movie on my list on Netflix! Love anything about fashion (as I sit here in my sweats)!


This is really cute. Love the lace. Love, Mom


Lovely vignette. I especially like the beautiful, vintage, Eiffel Tower tag stamped HeureuX Anniversaire! For more than 20 years, my Mom's signature fragrance was Chanel No. 5 ~ such a luXurious scent.

Brenda Kula

I love this idea! Simple and beautiful. I too love the name Wren Bay.


Very cute! You really are so creative, and what a fun gift idea!


Oh how elegant that is! Very chic and SO French. You are so clever at creating cute things, Clarice! :) Theresa


Your Coco inspired candle is a *de-light*! *grin* Love the idea of FOE for trim. But I am most excited about your link to Easter's! I am headed there this weekend, thanks to you. I have been so tired of just no selection from JoAnn's and I am hoping to find something new. Maybe I'll see you there!
Thanks, my Washington Friend!

IT's Just Dottie

A lovely idea and so french. I adore Coco Chanel. H you watched the movie Coco Before Chanel? I loved it !!!!


What a fun idea! Very, very cute!


Dear Clarice,
You are so very creative! Lovely photo as always! I love this entire vignette! I have several of those french jam jars and will have to make some of these too. Thank you for the inspiration! Love, Paula
P.S. Your finds in your previous post are fabulous! So happy for you!


C'est très charmant! I'm always interested in things French and fashionable.

Junie Moon

I'm always interested in things relating to Coco Chanel, so it's a delight to read your post. The FOE use you've created is simply delightful.


I so admire Coco's independence and the woman she was.
What a grand idee, love♥
I can't wait to read your Wren Bay, love that name too.


What can I say but "Oh la la!"

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