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Thank you for all the well wishes, I am still not well but Oregon went fine. Though I am glad we got a hotel room. It was fun, I got to meet family I have never met before. Sadly my husband could not be there but he is now. My mother-in-love was so surprised and cried so hard, we started to worry we would have to take her to the hospital.

Family222 Girlssssss
 Since so many of you loved the food cover, I thought I would remind you there is a post of how to make one food cover xoxoxo


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Looks like you had a great time, but sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you feel better soon~

Gumbo Lily

Looks like a fun family get-together. You do look nice in red, Clarice. Hoping you feel better soon.



Ditto what they said lovely girls lovely day glad your mother in law, Jennifer


Happy Day photos xx

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice! So glad you're over that bug (and what a blessing to have been at the hotel and not staying at someone else's house at the time). It looks as if everything turned out beautifully regardless!
Love and hugs,
P.S. Thank you for the link for the food cover!!!

Sharon D.


I hope you are feeling better! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, the photos are great! You look great in red! Thanks for the re-post, I was just going through some things and found some wooden hopps, so I know what I will be using them for now :)

Have a blessed day!


Oh, you all look so happy! Love your family pics, your girls are so sweet, & so fun! I have a bunch of old embroidery hoops from thrifting & scads of crocheted doilies. I'm going to take a 'gander' (love that word) at your tutorial for the food cover. You always share such cool crafts & yummy recipes. Sadly, mine never look as good as yours! Lisa
PS Hope your tummy is all well.

Theresa sweet those family photos are! How striking you are in that red blouse! :) I'm sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. But I'm delighted that the family reunion is going well. :) Take care and I'll chat with you again very soon. Theresa

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Lovely family photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful time together and that's what it's all about.

I hope you feel much better soon sweetie!



What a wonderful party, I bet your in-laws were delighted…
I do hope you are feeling better…
Great family pictures and I really love that first picture, what a wonderful idea for a bowl cover...



Looks like you had a wonderful time in Oregon. And thanks for the food cover link too!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, sweetie! Feel better, I'm sending you healing thoughts.

I'm so happy you had a nice time in OR! Were you near me?! You and your girls look beautiful.

Love your food cover! Going now to check it out. xo ~m


I looks like you had a good time in Oregon - one of my favorite states! Making memories with family . . . can't get any better than that!

Love, love, the food cover! I have been making doilies, lack of anything else to do while watching tv - sad. Think I'll try your idea - thanks for posting it.

Hope you start feeling better soon.


Tommie Jo

What a neat blog! I will have to stop back by when I have a little more time. Have great weekend!


Lovely family photos - so happy that you had a good time! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Laurie Davis

You look gorgeous in red, my dear. So glad you're feeling better and could spend precious time with family!
Glittery hugs,

Junie Moon

I hope each day brings you better health until you're back to feeling like yourself again. I love the family photos, such opportunities are so rare that we have to grab every second of the experience and hold them close to our hearts. Your food covers are gorgeous.


Be well dear friend. Looks like a good time with look very happy, well everyone does. Get yourself better. Hugs, XOXO Mica


I sure hope you feel much better soon, Clarice, and stay well.

It looks like a lovely time. I think it's important to keep extended family in our lives, and to really feel that connection to those who have come before us.

Those food covers really are a clever idea!



You girls look great in your new outfits.
Lady in Red, wowsa!
Clarice you look so pretty in that red shirt♥

Love the food covers too.

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