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I am in OR right now for a few days, a surprise anniversary party for my in-laws. Hopefully all will be well, I have been battle a stomach flu all week. I am living on herb tea and my homemade elderberry syrup from the freezer (so glad I made that). I can not believe am sick. None of us have been sick for like 2 years. But look at the killer shoes I got at Ross, $12, instead of $60. I love the polk-dot heels !!!


I hope you are having a lovely weekend and are not sick. Here is another list of things I love to keep you busy while I am gone and remember to eat something yummy and think of me xoxoxo

Make Your Own Flaxseed Hair Setting Gel, I have not made this yet, but it sounds interesting !!! By the way the picture (another picture I decided that was not right for the "project") is Chloe, doesn't she look so elegant !!!

Beautiful Painted Lanterns

Homemade Garden Scrub

Roasted Peach Ice Cream

Lots of Free On-Line Books To Listen To


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Sara's Sweet Surprise

Hello Clarice~I was so delighted to see you strolled by for a visit.
I hope you're feeling better. I was happy to see you were able to attend the Anniversary party. It looks like the rose city even managed to roll out some sunshine for your photos and family fun.

I have to tell you a funny story that happened m-a-n-y years ago. I had a favorite pair of shoes that were very similar to your red/dot shoes. I loved my shoes soo much I hated the thought of parting with them for Utah's long snowy winter, so.. my hubs (then boyfriend) would have to assist me in those shoes as I waded through the snow flurries. Reluctantly as the snow grew deeper I'd eventually give in to snow boots, but I bet you can guess what shoes were the first to be pulled out of hibernation at the first sight of the spring thaw!

I would like to spotlight your (embroidery hoop/crochet dollie) food cover. I've got an idea that I feel would pair well.

I hope you can stop by to see the tutorial I've posted...I promise not to disappoint.

Sweet wishes,

Tracey McBride

Hello sweet Clarice!!! I am sooo sorry to hear you've been battling a stomach bug (the worst!). You have my sympathies and good thoughts for a perfect healing. We swear by ginger tea (I eat slivered ginger raw if I can stand it~~it's an anti~inflammatant sp?) and club soda for tummy troubles in our house (the club soda has that alkaline ph that bacteria and virus' can't survive in). Also, acidopholis is amazing too, especially as you start to recover. We buy ours from Trader Joes' as it's the best priced here.

Oh my goodness, I just love the hair bow pic...and the links are sooo enticing...I am off to check them out a.s.a.p.! Thank you so much for always being so generous with your ideas and inspirations. Feel better very, very soon.

Love and good thoughts,

Junie Moon

I hope you recover from your bout of flu soon, being ill is not fun and especially awkward when traveling. We're traveling to Oregon this summer so I'm happy to hear about other folks' travels there. Thank you for all the great links. And those shoes look like a lot of fun.

Gumbo Lily

Get well soon, Clarice!
Thank you for leaving us some fun projects to look at and do. I'm definitely trying the glass lanterns.



neat! Love the shows.Happy Anniversary to your in laws! Love pic. of Chloe's hair with the bird..that should be in Victoria! Hugs to you, Mica


Wow! I can't believe I can finally leave a comment! My computer has been misbehaving alot lately!
So sorry you are ill! That is not fun at anytime, but especially when we are finally having some nice weather!
I love those little red shoes! I need to come and go shopping with you sometime! ;~}
Get well soon!


It is never a good time to be feeling unwell, but it's too bad it is happening for you now, especially. Chloe has such pretty hair.

Hope you feel better very soon.


The Pleasures of Homemaking

Oh I hope you're feeling better soon! Really cute shoes!



I hope you're feeling better & enjoying your trip!
The photo of Chloe is lovely!


Love the links. That roasted peach ice cream sounds dangerous, in fact her blog is dangerous. I didn't know you could do so much with flax seed, I'll have to research it. Love, Mom



Raspberry tea will help, too! Feel better!

Ah, to have hair that lovely!




Elderberry syrup is just the best! I hope you feel better soon. How tantilising you are about your secret project... Gill xxx

Julie Campbell

Cute shoes! Hope you're feeling back to normal soon--lots of people have the flu right now...take it easy!


Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well Clarice -- I hope you feel better soon!


I'm so sorry you are under the weather - hope you get well soon.

Thank you for the great links! I love finding new and interesting blogs! Adorable shoes, what a great find!


Sharon D.

dear Clarice,

I hope you will be feeling better soon! MY honey just got over the flu and I am hoping that I won't be getting it.

What great finds! I am definitely going to try the Gardener's Scrub once gardening kicks in. I have Lemon Verbena and think that will smell wonderful and refeshing. Speaking of refreshing, Roasted Peach Ice Cream! Oh my! Thnanks for sharing and take care!


Lavender Dreams

I hope you feel better soon! It's no fun to be sick! Thanks for the links! ♥


Hope you are feeling better now, dear Clarice. I love the sweet bird in your hair. Those shoes are totally cute - wear them well! xoxo Theresa


I hope that you are feeling better soon!!


When I first read your post, I wondered how Clarice could be posting from the OR (Operating Room) and dear me, what could be wrong? Can you tell my husband works in the medical field?

Have a great time in ORegon and hope you feel completely better soon!


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