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Necklace For My Lamp


A friend of mine was giving this lamp away. It is nice and heavy. I like the little table attached. I have plans to overhaul it but still am changing my mind on what I want to do. The shade was cover in stained fabric and I was able to peel the fabric off the shade. But I wanted to bling up the shade a bit with something temporary till I decide what I am going to do.

First I found and old piece of lace and tied it on with some ribbon you cannot see.

Then I started playing with old and broken jewelry I'v kept. I took a black bead necklace, added a charm bracelet. I use the clap on one side to hook onto the necklace and  jump-ring on the other side. Then I added a big pin on each side. One pin is broken, so I use a jump ring again to attach it. The other pin I can pull off, wear and pin it right back. Lastly I took a length of chain and add it to make the "necklace" go all the way around the shade and hook together in the back. I just used more jump-rings and a clasp.

What I love most about this project, is when I get sick of it, I can take it all apart and still have my jewelry pieces. All I am out is a few jump rings, which cost me pennies. So do you  have a bunch of old, broken jewelry you could maybe refashion into something?? I have another project with old jewelry I will share soon xoxox

Lampneck 1



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Gumbo Lily

You always think of the coolest things.
Neat lamp style.


Sharon D.

Oh Clarice,

You always come up with the best ideas :) I love it. I wish I had done something similar to our antique bedroom lamps instead of buying new shades. I love the lace with the jewelry and it's not too 'foofy':)

Have a blessed day and I hope you are doing better!



Oooh, I love that lamp style -- with table, how perfect! You're having way too much fun with your jewelry -- very nice!


What a lucky lamp... it really is beautiful Clarice. Hugs, Mica

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I like the lamp with the little table - very practical! I keep eyeing them at Goodwill.

Love the lace with the bling on the lamp! I've gotten really into re-purposing vintage jewelry into my decorating. Can't wait to see your other project!

I hope you're feeling better.



I like these old lamps with tables too. I found one for my bedroom, and then covered a lampshade for it, using vintage fabric from an old apron. I like the way it turned out.

This is a clever idea Clarice.


Cute & Creative!!

I have an old piece of lace around one of my lamps with an old pair of earrings holding it together!


Karla Nathan

That is the best dressed lamp shade around!


Oh, how very talented you are, Clarice! I love it. So so pretty. :) Theresa

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