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Akkk, I just do not have a lot to share right night. I have been busy but not with things I can share. What have I been up to? Well Chloe turned 14, we celebrated her birthday this week. She is very into american girl dolls right now. She saved her money for six months a bought her own. So this year is an american girl birthday. Happy birthday sweetie xoxoxo

I have been taking lots of photos for the secret project. This is one I took that I decided it not right but I am sharing it with you.

My father is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and my house is a bomb, so I am trying to clean. DO I dare confess, I have not spring decorated at all. I just do not care. Shock. I am too lost in this project and it is taking wayyyyyyyyyyyy longer then I ever imagine it to. I am waiting for one thing and then I will hopefully share.

One thing I am into is clothes. Even though it is not very spring like here I am having fun looking at dresses, sling-back wedge shoes, little cardigans, I am thinking of making some flowery jewelry, ect.

So what have you been up to?? Is your house all done up for spring or are you working on some fun craft ?? I hope I am the only unmotivated person around here xoxox


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I love this little vignette! So "Tasha Tudor." I still love my book so much that I won in your giveaway quite a while ago. Thanks again!!! Exciting new about your book! Congratulations! It's lovely...


So proud of Chloe for saving her $$ and buying her doll.
Happy Birthday Chloe.
Love the pic, especially the robin egg blue pot.
I think I know what your secret project is!


hey there thanks for the birthday wishes and for supporting my son's music on Facebook. Your the best...Hugs, Mica

Gumbo Lily

I like the picture very much. Looking forward to the unveiling of your secret project!

Happy Birthday to Chloe.


Brenda Kula

I got around to cleaning my house today. And I am basking in that "just cleaned the house and I'm proud of myself" feeling! But the problem is, in a few days, the dust will be back. The cobwebs will form. And we'll have to start ALL OVER AGAIN!


Oh, what a charming vignette! The colors just speak spring! Good luck getting everything ready for your father's visit!~

Sara's Sweet Surprise

Hello Clarice ~I've truly missed my visits, but little by little I'm making my way back.
Although last month was difficult with our loses a new month has brought new hope.
I poured myself a cup of tea and read a spell...This photo is amazing! You have such an attention to details. The embroidery hoop cover is a splendid idea!! You could use any vintage piece... handkerchief, crochet doily or lace sample.
what a lovely time of year for a birthday celebration for Chloe (love that name).
I hope she found the perfect doll to share in her special occasion.

I look forward to your secret reveal. I hope it's soon!

I'm so excited to see spring blooms popping up. I look forward to applying the inspirational palette of colors into a few projects with a little baking/cooking in between.
Don't you love the aroma that fills the air during this season?
It's definitely invigorating.

Stroll by for a visit, your company will be nice.

Sweet wishes,


I love the picture mom its so cute!!! :) Thank you everyone for the B-Day wishes they mean the world to me!!!!
Love Chloe!
p.s. to Janelle, I got a Just Like You doll & I named her Zelda!

Junie Moon

Goodness, but you have a lot going on. Happy birthday to dear Chloe; I hope this year brings her many delights. I've not done any spring decorating unless you count making sure spring cleaning was done. A freshened house does make me feel lighter and happier. As for projects, I have some knitting things on various needles, but I cannot seem to get a lot of energy for anything heavy duty in terms of other projects. Maybe a bit more rest will do me a world of good.


Very pretty picture... I love the way the flour pot matches the teacup so nicely. I'm sure your home is lovely through and through!


Dear Clarice,

Your photo is GORGEOUS!!! I think you should use it!!! I love the whole vignette!!! The cream linens with the robin's egg blue flour tin and the teacup and saucer are a beautiful combination, along with the wood and tin kitchen items. Love the doily cover and the spool of twine. It is all so perfect! I pray your visit with your dad goes well. Please wish Chloe a very happy birthday from all of us!

Love, Paula


Happy birthday to dear Chloe!

I love this photograph Clarice.


OOh secret project, FUN!
Love the photo!
Happy belated birthday to your daughter!!
Thanks for the visit. I have been up to my elbows in crown making. I may actually have a chance to blog soon.
Happy Sunday,


Happy Birthday Chloe! My dd turns 10 on Tuesday so I am decorating a little for Spring today. She is having a tea party for her girlfriends tomorrow. Her Samantha doll recently had a long visit to the American Girl Hospital and has been warmly welcomed home with two new Spring dresses :) We are longing for enlightenment re your secret project.... Gill xxx

Nancy Geaney

Happy Birthday, Chloe. A bomb hit my house, too, guess I should get to it....


Happy Birthday Chloe! Which American Girl doll did she get? My daughter just got the historical Julie doll. She loves her to pieces!

I can't wait to come back and see your secret project when you finish it!


Oooh, I can't wait to hear what you're up to. I'm unmotivated too -- my house is a wreck!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Happy Birthday to your sweet Chloe!

Love the photo and I'm dying to know what this top secret hush hush project is!!

Well, I'm out in the garden mostly. The window of opportunity is very small here in Georgia. Before we know it, it will be to hot to go outside. So I'm trying to get most of my outdoor things done right now.



Love, love, love the flour pot. The color, the lettering, the lid oh my.
Have been doing a bit here with spring fever and all, am going to try your earl gray cookies again next week, hopefully I've figured out where I went wrong last time, lol.
I'm sure the blahs will pass just as everything eventually does, hang in there till then.


I think the photo is actually lovely. And I simply cannot wait to find out what you've been up to...this amazing secret project of yours! Happy birthday to Chloe - I hope she had a really lovely day. :) xoxo Theresa


Great photo - can't wait to see what your secret is! :)

Happy Birthday to Chloe! My daughter Amy will be turning 14 next month!



What a lovely photo!! Happy Birthday to Chloe!!


Lots of celebration going on at your place. The photo is lovely and we're all wondering when the big secret will be revealed.

Spring decorating - not so much around here. But I'm painting our kitchen/breakfast nook, from dark red to a pale grey blue. First coat is done and I'm taking a little break before beginning the next one.


What a nice, old-fashioned looking photo, I just love it. Happy birthday to Chloe! My daughter outgrew her American Girl doll also, I think it got passed on to a niece. Much as I hate to admit it, I think I miss it more than she does.


I love the picture can't wait to see the others. Love, Mom

Tracey McBride

I am LOVING this photo Clarice!!! I cannot wait to see your finished project! :) A Happy Birthday wish to Chloe...we are/were American Girl doll lovers as well. Sadly, we packed most of them up last year and tucked them away in the attic. :( My littlest one is now 17 and (as you so succinctly put it) ..."Akk"!!! I haven't been going nuts for spring, but have been bitten by a little gardening bug (as my recent posts bear out :). Rosie and I are off to treasure hunt and maybe hit Ikea for some magazine holders and boxes...if we don't get side tracked first! Have a lovely weekend my friend. And keep up the amazing work on your projects!!

Love and hugs,

P.S. Love the way you used the doily inside the embroidery hoop to cover the food inside the glass bowl!! Very clever...this would be really cute on buffet and/or picnic tables too...as I'm sure you already know! :)


Hope you had a lovely Easter.. Happy Birthday to Chloe...My girl loves American Girl too! We got her Rebecca last year for her b-day. Hope all is well. I am busy cleaning today...fun, fun... still working on my dolls etc... slow coming...but coming. Hugs to you. I do love the picture you are sharing. Have a lovely weekend rainy, gloomy and all. Mica

Nancy Jane York

It's still winter here Sweetie. We have three colors here in Alaska until the end of May and that is white, brown, and tan. That's it. We've gotten so much new snow this last week, oh well this too shall pass. I'm waiting on your secret project in the works. Take Care.


I am just as unmotivated as you are and I don't even have a secret project...just the "blahs". Happy Birthday to Chloe!



This is the 4th MONTH of that secret project of yours! Sheesh! We've been on pins and needles TOO LONG!
Happy b-day sweet Chloe!

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